Why You Should Focus On Google PlusNow is the time to focus on Google Plus. G+ just launched their engagement ads. Yes, I’ve talked about those before on this blog. Engagement ads are simply promoted posts. While we knew these were coming for some time now, we didn’t know exactly how they would work and if they would be worth while.

Remember how I always told you to focus and start growing your Google Plus page? I hope you listened. Because if you did and were able to garner 1,000 fans, you have access to the world of Google Plus promoted posts/+post ads/engagement ads.? Let me repeat that. You have to have 1,000 followers in order to take part in engagement ads.

So what does this mean?
You can amplify your G+ interactions across the Google Display Network. That’s a ton of different sites that can feature your content, your social posts, and most importantly, your conversations.

How It Affects SEO

For some time now we’ve been discussing the impact of social signals (insert link) on your SEO. So, does this mean you can buy organic SEO results? It looks like that. By spending money to increase your +1s, Google might bump you up to SEO glory. While this looks like a lot of the other shady tactics that we saw in the past, I imagine this is going to be highly regulated. Otherwise, those who buy 1,000 fans, get access to the Engagement ads and start spending with their Adwords accounts will be sitting pretty. Google has been cracking down on this type of behavior in the past, and I doubt this will fly.

How Can You Get Access To Engagement Ads

1. Start engaging with active users
2. Join communities and start sharing
3. Promote it on your site
4. Promote G+ in your email signatures
5. Promote G+ in your newsletters

Good luck!

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