What Is Convert With Content?When we first came up with the name “Convert With Content” we were trying to answer one important question, “How can we quickly summarize the best way to market your business, both online and offline?” From that question, the “Convert With Content” name was born. And to this day, it’s a name we are very proud to represent and stand behind as a company. To be fair, it’s actually an answer to a lot of different questions about small business marketing:

Q: How can I distinguish myself from my competitors in my marketplace?
A: Convert with content. Start buy formulating your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Your USP should be connected to a story about your business that resonates with your customers.

Q: How can I get more traffic to my website?
A: Convert with content. Create lots of content on your blog, your social media channels, and on other content sites relevant to your industry. Content is the single best way to build your presence online and get traffic as a result.

Q: How can I turn more leads into buyers?
A: Convert with content. Use targeted email marketing to nurture your leads into customers. You direct mail to deepen those relationships offline. And leverage social media to keep your connection active in real-time.

Q: How can I turn more buyers into lifetime customers?
A: Convert with content. Continue providing valuable content in email newsletters, print newsletters, webinars, tele seminars, Google Hangouts, mini courses, ebooks, whitepapers, etc. Stay connected to your customers to increase their long-term value to your business.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

At every stage of the marketing process, you need to use great content to convert your prospects and customers further down your sales funnel.

The simple answer to my original question, “What is convert with content?” is that it’s a unified strategy for small business marketing. The complicated answer is that it’s a singular answer to many different questions about how best to implement your small business marketing strategy.

Convert with content is a starting point, a mindset really, for helping you approach your marketing with clear purpose.

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Jason Clegg

Jason Clegg is the CEO & Founder of Convert With Content. He's on a MISSION to help small businesses convert tire-kickers into lifetime customers & raving fans with #ConvertWithContent marketing systems that work!

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