Web Marketing In A NutshellGetting started with web marketing can be overwhelming and even intimidating. With all of the technology and terminology, newbies can find themselves lost in a sea of confusion pretty quickly. So I’ve put together a very basic post here to walk you through the most essential concepts and to avoid getting sidetracked but the unimportant stuff…

It’s All About Lead Generation

The first and most important thing you need to know is that your website’s most important job is generating leads. Note that I didn’t say “sales.” If you invest all of your energy in building sales and only sales, you’ll come up empty handed. But if you capture leads, you get permission to continue marketing to these contacts until they say stop. That’s far more valuable than trying to get a one-off sale.

Content Is King, Social Media Is Queen

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s true and it always bears repeating — Content is king. Essentially, that means that everything you do in web marketing is going to require some form of content — blogging, social media posting, copywriting, email messaging, and so on. Without content, you’ll struggle to make any progress. Without great content, you’ll never hit home runs.

Social Media is the proud queen to the content king. If you’re familiar with chess at all you’ll know that while the king is the most valuable playing piece, the queen is the most useful, versatile, and skilled of all. The same applies for social media. You need a strong and active social present to get consistent, reliable results.

You Need A Long-Term Strategy

Finally, you need to focus on the long-term not the short-term. This is the most common mistake newbies make in web marketing — expecting everything to happen overnight. It simply doesn’t work that way. SEO, for example, is a strategy that could take the better part of a year to generate visible results and more than a year to generate meaningful results.

Keep at it, stay focused, and stick to these principles and I’m sure you’ll get results.

There you have it — web marketing in a nutshell. Short and sweet, and hopefully valuable for getting started.

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