How To Use Twitter To SearchTwitter is a powerhouse.If you take a look at the stats provided by StatisticBrain, you’ll soon see the vast magnitude of the network.

While there is a lot of noise on the network, there is also a lot for you to gain if you can learn how to break through the noise and deliver what it is people are looking for. Here’s how.

Twitter Stats

Total number of active registered Twitter users -554,750,000
Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday – 135,000
Number of unique Twitter site visitors every month – 190 million
Average number of Tweets per day – 58 million
Number of Twitter search engine queries every day – 2.1 billion
Percent of Twitter users who use their phone to Tweet – 43 %
Percent of Tweets that come from third party applicants – 60%
Number of active Twitter users every month – 115 million
Percent of Twitters who don’t Tweet but watch other people Tweet – 40%
Number of days it takes for 1 billion Tweets – 5 days
Number of Tweets that happen every second – 9,100

Types Of Twitter Searches

There are two types of searches you can perform on Twitter. One is a basic search where you can search for keywords and people. You do this by searching in the search box on the top righthand corner. This is great for the quick search. But often times, this isn’t going to be enough.

Local businesses can really tap into their local audience by performing an Advanced Twitter Search. You can get very targeted here. You can search for people talking about your keywords near a certain area. For example, if you work at a salon in Los Angeles, you can search for people who are looking for the exact services you offer.

Here I did a search for the words “need salon near Los Angeles.” The Twitter search sees this and translates it to need salon near:”Los Angeles” within:15mi. From there, I’m able to gather a list of recent Tweets for people who “need” a “salon.”

Here is your chance to hit them with the service and maybe even a discount to get them through the door.

You might be asking, “Well, Am I being too pushy?” My answer is NO! People are publicly asking for help. The person you respond to might be surprised that you responded at all, but it will most likely leave a good impression.

I understand that keeping up with social media is a lot of work. In order to take advantage of this search feature on a regular basis, save the search or add it as a stream in Hootsuite.

Try creating as many advanced searches as possible so you will always have the best results. Good luck!

What features do you like about Advanced Search?

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