twitternewsThe text and link only days of Twitter are gone. If you haven’t heard or updated your Twitter mobile app yet, you can now view a preview of Twitter images and Vine videos in your feed making the experience much richer and visual.

But beyond the visual aspect of the new Twitter feed, there are a lot of benefits for you and your business to start taking advantage of right now.

Here’s what you should know.

Images Increase Engagement

We know that when you upload an image directly to Twitter the chance of it getting retweeted goes up significantly. This was true before this visual Twitter update.

I can only imagine this number to multiply. As you no longer have to click on the Twitter box to see the image, more people can retweet and go. Since Twitter has always been known as the network for those on the move, this update makes consuming or deciding to consume content even easier.

Key Takeaway: Upload photos directly to Twitter and test the results yourself. Even though you don’t need any text now to entice someone to view the image (you can see a preview) you should still use strong copy for Twitter’s massive search engine.


Video Increases Engagement

Vine is Twitter’s own video sharing network. Like Twitter images, Vine videos will also be previewed in your feed which increases the likeliness of someone consuming it. Tweets that have Vine videos attached have a better engagement rate than that of Instagram videos. There are a lot of ways to use Vine, but one great way is to respond to people using video format for increased personalization. If someone asks you a question, shoot them a Vine video response and watch them smile. 🙂

Key Takeaway: Use Vine video as a customer service tool or simply to show people your products and services.


Have you noticed these new changes within your Twitter Feed? How are you adjusting your strategy for it?

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