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Twitter just announced that they’re “releasing a new feature for publishers who use embedded Tweets that connects the stories about the Tweet, with the Tweet itself.” For bloggers and small businesses, this could be a great way to get an increased number of readers and a lot more exposure.

Here’s how it works:

Basically, when you embed Tweets on your blog, the headline of your article and your site’s Twitter account will be shown on that particular Tweet’s permalink page. This is public, which means anyone can see it.

According to Twitter, they believe it will help “more people discover the larger story behind the Tweet, drive clicks to your articles, and help grow your audience on Twitter.”

This is true, but what’s more important for me is seeing how a brand can benefit from this. I see it as a way for small and medium sized businesses to get larger exposure by offering their expertise on certain topics.

For example, I’m a social media blogger. By embedding my Tweet on this blog, my headline and blog will show up for all those who are interested in this exact content. That way, this blog post will show up with authority, offering readers a different perspective on that particular tweet topic. It’s my perspective and it’ll show up along with everyone else talking about this specific topic. In many ways, this can even make me an Influencer on a given topic.

In addition to increased exposure, this is a great way to build authority on topics related to your industry and connect with the Influencers and current thought-leaders on any number of topics. It brings an often much needed context to Tweets.

Lastly, this new feature is just another example of the power of blogging. Twitter and other social networks are not replacing blogging, but rather complimenting it. Don’t forget to sign up for our blogging Webinar to learn more about the power of blogging.

How To Apply To Participate:

You have to apply to participate. To do so, please go here:

How do you see this new feature benefitting your brand?

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