How To Get Found On Google Using TwitterIf you didn’t think Social Media had anything to do with search you were mistaken. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true. Social and search are more connected than ever before. And the line between SEO & social will continue to blur.

Yes, social networks serve as mini search engines of their own. Some even argue that the more social activity you have, the better search engine rankings you’ll see. Google Plus posts show up in Google search. And now Tweets will start showing up in Google search results.

This is a big deal because your tweets can lead visitors who might not be on Twitter straight to your website and to consume your content. Anyone no matter if they are a Twitter user or not will now be able to view your content. This change represents a new way of being seen and found, but also validates the fact that social media is more important than ever to your overall online marketing success.

Don’t think Twitter is right for your business? You may want to rethink that now. While this is not available yet, it’s coming according to a few different sources.

How To Get Ready For Twitter’s Google Integration

1. Think like an SEO
It’s all about the keywords. Keywords are extremely important to Google’s search algorithm and will continue to be important to your Twitter strategy as well. Think long tail and short tail keywords when composing tweets.

2. Be Relevant & Consistent
Might as well hedge your bets and get your content out there regularly. Of course you don’t want to overdo it in hopes that it makes the front page of Google. We don’t know how this will work yet and how high Tweets will rank. But it is always a good idea to be relevant and consistent.

3. Get Into The Real-Time Game
Twitter search is best used for real-time events. I imagine the same is true for Google using Twitter search. As news breaks on Twitter before the traditional news agencies, I can see real-time playing a huge role in the search rankings for Tweets. Think about your real-time strategy for major events coming up. Things like the Academy Awards you can prepare for, other real-time events like earthquakes you can’t.

4. Make Your Content Share-Worthy
It’s not only about the content you share, it’s about others sharing too. Make no mistake by thinking only your Tweets will show up in Google. Everyone’s tweets will show up. With that said, make sure your content is as shareable as possible. You want your content spreading like wildfires and to many, many people!

5. Ramp Up Your Blog
The more content you have on your blog, the more things you and others have to share. Remember, sharing is the name of the game here. Get your content ramped up for success.

And while we’re talking about Twitter, did you know that you can promote your tweets in the same manner as Facebook sponsored or boosted posts? Yep, it’s a brand new feature and it can help you reach more people.

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