Do You Have A Traffic System?The only reliable way to grow your business online is with TRAFFIC. You need a steady, consistent stream of new visitors hitting your website every single day around the clock. And you need to acquire those visitors at a sustainable and scalable price. That truly is Web Marketing in a nutshell — get traffic and get it at a price that keeps you profitable. So how do you get traffic? And how do you ensure that your traffic stream is always growing? You need a SYSTEM of course…

What Is A Traffic System?

I’m a big fan of systems and if you’re in business, you should be too. A system helps you achieve a goal by following a set of prescribed steps. In order to work, though, a system needs to be proven to work. Obviously nothing in life is guaranteed but good systems generally produce something close to what you desire.

The reason systems are so important in business is they help you streamline complex procedures. If you’re anything like most small business owners I know, then you’re likely overstressed, overworked, and overdoing it in a lot of areas. Systems help you relieve those burdens, especially when you can hand them off to a team member to handle. In fact, your goal in your business should be to systematize and delegate as many things as possible. That’s the only way you can free up your time to continue working on the highest-value projects and tasks.

A Traffic System is a series of steps to follow to get new visitors & prospects to visit your website every day. So when you get a Traffic System in place, you build a nonstop marketing funnel for your business. Here are the key ingredients…

Traffic System Key Ingredients

You basically have 2 options for getting traffic to your website — (1) you can pay for it or (2) you can work for it. Granted, both options are going to require money & time in some ways.

For the purposes of this blog post, I’m going to focus on the non-paid approach to building a Traffic System. In other words, I won’t be covering anything related to Pay Per Click marketing (Google Adwords & Bing Advertising) or Banner Advertising, etc. It’s not that Paid Advertising isn’t a viable way to build a Traffic System — it’s just that most small businesses don’t usually have the cash required to really make Paid Advertising work. It’s best to start with a more organic approach.

The formula you need to know is this: Blogging + Social Media = SEO

These 3 components — Blogging, Social Media, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — each play a key role in your total Traffic System.

Blogging is the cornerstone. Blogging adds fresh, new content to your website and creates lots of new “entry points” into your business. Blogging also increases your SEO footprint, giving you far more exposure in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results pages. And perhaps most important of all, blog posts give you something of value to share on social networks.

When you combine Blogging with Social Media, you create a powerful snowball effect. Blogging by itself is still powerful, but adding Social Marketing into the mix is like adding Rocket Fuel to your content.

And finally, SEO, plays a very important role in this system. The ultimate goal of any Traffic System should be to achieve top positions for “natural search results” in the top 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Blogging & Social Media both play an important role in building the overall authority of your website to help you achieve those top search rankings.

Do You Have A Traffic System?

Essentially, implementing your complete Traffic System requires doing all of these tasks every day in a systematic way. You need to write & publish new blog posts. You need to promote and share those blog posts on your most critical social networks. And you need to track your SEO rankings & improve your website optimization to achieve top SEO rankings.

Blogging, Social Media, and SEO will each contribute to your total Traffic System individually, but when you combine all 3 into a systematic traffic powerhouse you get the very best results.

How To Get Started

This post gives you a nice overview of what you need to build a powerful Traffic System. But if you want very detailed step-by-step instructions, we’ve prepared a complete Traffic System Training Program. This is an online training program, so you can log-in 24/7 and access any module and any lesson as you need it. You can learn more about it right here.


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