Top 21 Reasons You Need More Content To Increase SalesIn real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. In the online world, it’s all about content, content, content.

Whether it’s living on your website, on your social media channels, in an ebook or white paper, within a video, on your product pages, in your meta descriptions, on a landing page, within a press release and in a blog post, the truth of the matter is that you need more content to compete online, especially as a small business.

You see, a small business doesn’t have the same budget as a huge company like Coca-Cola or McDonalds. Small businesses have to work harder to get found online naturally and organically. Without a solid content marketing strategy you are going to be lost in a sea of mediocre websites.

Great content helps you move out of the mediocre zone and into the “I’m a force to be reckoned with” zone. It’s the power zone. The zone that gets you traffic, leads and sales. That’s the zone we want to be in. That’s where you start growing. That’s where you make the money. Let’s help you get there.

Content In The Sales Cycle

So how do you get there? Start upping your content game. You need more content. Let me repeat that. You really need more content.

67 percent of the buying cycle is done online. That means Your customers and prospects are consulting blogs before making a purchase. They are searching you online. They are reading reviews. They are checking your social channels. They are consuming content before they bring our the wallet. Don’t you want that content they are consuming to come from you and not your competitor? I thought so.

How Content Aids Sales

It can take 7-13+ touches to get a qualified lead. Different types of content can be your touches throughout the process. Beyond content increasing your sales, here are 21 more reasons why you need more content.

21 Reasons You Need More Content

1. Content Helps Your Search Engine Rankings
The more content you produce, the better search engine rankings you’ll see. Yes, we are talking SEO. With more content you have, the more keywords you have to be found for. This includes the highly sought-after long-tail keywords. Great content also increases your odds of being linked to from other real blogs and sites. This is what we call earned links or acquired links. It’s an important factor to your SEO results.

2. Content Fuels Your Social Media Strategy
Without content you have nothing to share on your social media channels. That’s a loss. You need an active and updates social media strategy. Content can help you reach the right audiences on social media. Without it, you are just shooting blanks.

3. Content Gives You Something To Share
Sharing is what social media is built upon. When you have great content, you always have something to share. Plus, you are driving traffic back to your site or owned properties which can help you increase traffic and brand authority.

4. Content Gives Others Something To Share Too
Guess what, others like to share. If they too want to be active on social media, they need content to share. The majority of consumers don’t create their own content. They curate content that relates to them. By giving them that content to share you can cast a much wider net.

5. Content Adds Value To Your Customers, Clients And Prospects
This is pretty simple. Content is a value proposition for your business. It allows you to give something away for free and show them that you know what you are talking about. It’s a win.

6. Content Can Turn A Lost Opportunity Into A Sale
I love content for sales. Ever had a lost opportunity? Someone who just didn’t turn into a sale? Content can change that for you. By sharing a great piece of content even after the prospect said no, you can reel them back in. Just make sure the content relates to them.

7. Content Informs, Educates and Solves Problems
This is always the first place to start when going about your content marketing strategy. Create content that shows your customers that your service or product can solve the problem they are having. Create blog posts for the top 5 questions you get from prospects every day. Then move onto the top 5 problems your customers have. This content will be searchable. We like that.

8. Content Moves Your Prospects Through The Sales Funnel
Do you know what your content marketing sales funnel looks like? Or what about your social selling funnel looks like? What about your social media content funnel? Your funnels depend on content to move them to the next step and take action.

9. Content Adds More Entry Points To Your Website
This is another benefit of content that will help you get more traffic. Every time you add content to your site you are probably adding a new page. Whether it is a landing page or new blog post, each of these pages serves as a new point of entry into your digital home, your website. The easier it is to get into your website, the more people you’ll see knocking on your door.

10. Content Helps You Generate More Leads
Every small business needs traffic, leads and sales. Content can help you generate more leads by speaking directly to your customer. By using landing pages effectively you can increase your leads around specific keywords. That makes them even more qualified.

11. Content Helps You Engage Your Audience
They are following you or subscribed, now what? You need to keep engaging them by sharing and staying on their radar. The more relevant your content is and the more engaged you are, the more engaged your customers and prospects will be.

12. Content Helps Bring You New & Returning Traffic
Only have a home page, most people aren’t going to return to your website. What’s new? Nothing. With updated and fresh content on your site you always have something new to share. That means more traffic and more repeat visitors.

13. Content Helps Your Nurture Your Leads & Customers
The best way to nurture your leads is through email. Email automation is even better if you are at that level. Guess what? You need content to do that. You want to keep people happy, informed and ready to buy. You need content in your emails.

14. Content Aids Your Sales Team
About to make the sale but need that one last pushing point? A blog post or a white paper can help do that for you. Give your sales team the tools they need to succeed. Content should be a part of that tool box.

15. Content Tells Your Story
Not every piece of content needs to tell a story, but some of it should. Content can help you tell a story in words. It can tell your customers why you are doing what you are doing, who you are, and why you can solve their problem. In my eyes that’s a story.

16. Content Gives You A Voice
Content allows you to take your offline personality and bring it online. The content you share and the stories you tell gives you that voice. It can be funny, serious, educational, informative or a mixture of them all. People want to identify with you online and this is how you can do it.

17. Content Has A Long Life
Publish and done? Nope, not so quick. That content lives online until you take it down. Usually some of your best performing posts will be those that are the oldest. Why? Because they are great and they are still relevant. Yup, I’ll take that traffic. Thank you very much.

18. Content Bridges The Gap Between Online And Offline
What you say online and off should be consistent. Content gives you the ability to take what you do and say offline and bring it online.

19. Content Binds Your Customer’s Journey Across All Channels and Touchpoints
The truth is people need to see a lot of you to make a memorable impression. Your content lives all over the internet and takes your customers on a journey from visitor to lead to customer to lifetime customer. You need to hit them up on social, in blogs, on email and everywhere else.

20. Content Increases Brand Awareness & Authority
The more you create and share the more people you’ll get in front of. Talk like you know what you are talking about and automatically your authority will increase. Keep it up and you’ve got something good to work with.

21. Content Differentiates You From Your Competition
What’s different between your company and the others just like yours? The content you create and share. Out content them and surpass them.

Content is everything in marketing and sales.

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