Tips, Tricks & Ways To Increase Website ConversionsLet’s talk about conversions. Excited? I am. Clearly, we’re big fans. In fact, we’re such big fans that our company rocks the verb form, convert in our title. Convert With Content is about using content to convert visitors into leads. Leads are golden especially when the money is in your list.

We know what our funnel looks like.

Increased Traffic –> Increased Conversions & Leads –> Increased Sales.

Every business needs these three things to succeed online.
1. Traffic
2. Leads
3. Sales

So how do you increase website conversions and leads? It’s a myriad of different things of course. But it starts with great content that gives people a reason to visit your website. This can be in the form of landing pages, blog posts, ebooks, white papers, videos, and graphics. The content has to make people want more from you. When they say they want more, that’s a lead and an opportunity to learn more. A conversion and a lead comes in the form of an email or phone number for us, and it’s likely that it looks the same for you and your business.

Great Content Produces Great Traffic

Once you have great content on your site you need to share it all over the place. You should be sharing on social media networks first and foremost. The content will increase your traffic on its own organically through search over-time. But to speed that process up, you have to use social media. Social media is more real-time. Social media brings traffic instantly.

Great Traffic Converts Visitors Into Leads

So now that you are getting great pre-qualified traffic from the right people you need to have a place for people to convert. You see, they are on your site because your content brought them there. Now they need a place to sign up for more, request a quote, or give you their information. This is where the conversions and leads happen.

You may get a lot of traffic but if your website isn’t set up to receive leads you aren’t going to get anything.

What Kind Of Forms Work Best For Increasing Conversions

According to a study from Formstack, conversion rates depend on the type of form being used.

Contests had the highest conversion rate at 34%. This makes a lot of sense because everyone wants to win something. The problem with contests is that the leads generated from them are not targeted and will probably never become buyers.

Lead generation or landing pages came in next with 17% conversion rate. That’s pretty high and it’s something that we support and encourage with our full marketing strategies. Landing pages are not only great at converting, but they are also great for search engine rankings. Win. Win! Another great thing about landing pages is that they are so highly targeted that when someone converts you know exactly what they want and what they are interested in.

The lowest conversion rate came from contact pages. At only 4%, you can be pretty sure that this just doesn’t work. It’s unfortunate because on so many websites a contact page is the only way to capture leads.

Now it’s time to increase those conversions.


Jason Clegg’s 4 Tips To Increase Website Conversions

Jason is quite the expert on the topic and has written a ton of great posts about it already. You can see his posts about conversion optimization here.

1. A/B Split Test Everything
Here is more on that topic.

2. Be More Aggressive : Use Pop-Ups and Opt-In Points On All Pages And Posts
Check out our website, you can’t get very far without us asking you to sign up. It works as long as you are adding value.

3. Question Everything : Are You Really Offering What Your Audience Wants
Not getting conversions? It could be as simple as getting the wrong traffic, or that your traffic doesn’t like your offer.

4. Give Away Something For Free
This is one of the best tactics. It’s also a reason that contests work so well. We give away our traffic strategies course for free in exchange for their email. This has been very effective for us.

How do you increase your conversions? Any tips to share?

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