SocialMediaStampSocially Stephanie – that’s me, in case you were wondering. I have a social media column over at SocialMediaToday where I answer your social media questions and give advice on how you could be doing things differently.

I must admit, as a Social Media Strategist and professional there is never a dull moment. This month I’ve tackled a question from a retail store owner looking to get more people in through the door using offers and incentives. In this particular column I went into depth about the new word of mouth marketing on the online world. It’s something I call “word of finger marketing, because the keys and buttons your customers press on their smart phones, tablets and computers will be the way they communicate news about your store to their friends.”

I also helped a life coach get settle his self branding issues by reassuring him that blogging is a great way to define yourself and your niche online. Since blogs are the best way to showcase yourself online, a really strong content strategy is key here.  After all, when it comes to self-branding and sticking out from the crowd, it’s all about your USP, your unique selling point. The more niche you are, the less competition you will have.

One of my favorite questions from the month came from a stylist/makeup artist looking to manage her online reputation. I showed her how, as an artist, to integrate that artistic flair into her social presence. Instagram is a killer tool to use for the fashion and beauty industries and a great way to control her reputation by posting photos she likes and approves of. In addition, I explained to her the value of a Yelp review for her online presence and how to encourage her “beautified” customers to write stellar reviews with photos.

Lastly, I embarked on a mission to help an author ramp up his promotional efforts by way of influencers. I shared with him some best practices for influencer outreach and one simple trick to get more people posting and talking about you online. You may be surprised to hear that when it comes down to increasing the chances of getting an influencer or blogger to write about you, the lower the barrier of entry the better. In other words, pre-written tweets and updates can be very beneficial for both you and the influencer.

Well there you have it. Do you have any questions for me? I’d love to feature them in my weekly column. 

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Stephanie Clegg

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