SociallyStephWhether you don’t know how to get started on Facebook or aren’t sure why to use hashtags, I’ve got you covered. I’m also a columnist at SocialMediaToday where I tackle all of your best social media questions. Here’s what you’ve missed.

Social Media Tools Of The Trade
In this article, I share my favorite social media tools that will make your life easier and more efficient.

Socially Stephanie: Hashtag Best Practices
There are three great reasons to use hashtags. Do you know what they are? Read on.

Socially Stephanie: Social Media Context & Content
Because each network is different, it’s a good idea to share different content on different channels. Here’s how to navigate context to create your content.

Socially Stephanie: Community Manager vs Social Media Manager
Do you need a social media manager or a community manager? Let me weigh in.

Socially Stephanie: The Social Media Content Funnel
It’s not only about selling, here’s how to use social media to bring people to the point of sale. Just remember this term: IBECK.

How To Use Social Media To Promote A Sale
A good primer for any retailer. This article will give you some great ideas to take your offline sale, online.

Socially Stephanie: Socially Selling for B2B
B2B and B2C businesses should have different approaches. Here’s what you need to know about B2B social media.

Socially Stephanie: How To Incorporate Video Into Your Social Media Strategy
Not using video yet? You should be. Here are some great ways to jump on the video train.

Socially Stephanie: How To Use Social Media To Build Your Email List
Our philosophy about social media and online marketing relies on the leads. Here’s how to use social media to build your email list to sell them later.

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