Social Media TipsIn this blog I post often about tips and tricks to help you increase your social media presence, exposure and visibility. As you might know about me from reading, I am big on community interaction and participation. The beauty of the social web is that everyone is connected somehow and we can share great ideas and thoughts with one another in a simple manner. With that said, I hit up one of my favorite sites, HARO’s List and crowd sourced some ideas for the best social media tricks and tips. The response was overwhelmingly amazing. Here are some of the best tips and tricks from social media and marketing professionals. Of course these responses are under 140 characters and perfect for tweeting. 🙂

16 Great Social Media Tips

Dont just tweet! Find @twitter specific influencers. Offer exclusive content by @ing & connect!”
– Lauren Jones @JonesSocialPR

“Engage first; sell second. Money is made through social media, but you need a captive audience before you unleash a sales pitch.” – Brian Coughlin

“The classic mantra of “always be closing” needs to change to “always be helping” in the world of content & social” – Jason Miller @JasonMillerCa

“Be consistent: an abandoned profile is worse than no profile at all.” – Cate Costa @Cate_Costa

“Audiences love content that’s easy to digest. This means visuals, easy-to-read text posts, and short video.” – Brittany Berger @bberg1010

“For Facebook, leverage Insights to see what’s working best in terms of engagement and restructure your content strategy accordingly.” – Dave Neuman @dave0911

“Don’t go follow-crazy in hopes of boosting your #. Stick to your industry, follow those w/ RTable content & the followers will come!” – Lauren Gard @Lauren99Designs

“Sweepstakes are a great shortcut for attracting followers if you give away things that correspond with what you do and what people really want.” – Shonna Howenstine @TravelPaso?

“If you only have time to do one thing on Twitter, Reply! Your replies to others are good networking & help with overall online visibility.” – Leona Laurie @LeonaLaurie

“Establish an editorial calendar to provide regular feeds of news, advice and tips your audience can use.” – Jane Blume @PRNewMexico

“#Sweepstakes #Marketing Tip: Keep the #contest message under 120 characters so nothing gets cut off when retweeted.” – Carolyn Wilman @ContestQueen

“Believe it or not, we gain as much (if not more) social media gas when we promote others more than ourselves.” – Kimberly Gauthier @TheFurMom

“Timing is crucial. Use a tool like SocialBro, ideally with BufferApp, or similar to ‘queue’ your content for optimal exposure” – Mik Cowans @MikCowans

“Using marketing personas allows you to adopt the cognitive frameworks of your users and concentrate on designing content to fit their need states.” – Andrew Isidoro @Andrew_isidoro

“Think of Twitter as a text messaging.. Send a short message to a friend or colleague. Connect with them. Don’t yell at them or sell non-stop.” – Joyce Brewer @MommyTalkShow

“Niche your market down as specifically as you can. If there’s 1 person who matches your search criteria make that person your best friend.” – Chris Prendergast @ChrisReSoMe

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