The Social Media Content FunnelSocial media is one of the best ways to get in front of your customers and share the content you have created on your site. It allows you to build and brand your voice and communicate with your current, past and future customers in a way that is authentic.

One of the biggest misconceptions however is that having a social media page set up is enough. I hear it all the time, I have a Facebook page, or maybe I have a Twitter page, but I don’t do much with it. Instead of thinking that just having a social media page is enough to help you increase your sales and get found, think of social media as an extension of your other marketing efforts. You can’t only do social and call it a day.It needs to be a part of your long term strategy.

Another thing you should think about when it comes to social media is that it’s best used as a funnel. It should take your customers and potential buyers on a journey. I like to call the social media content funnel IBECK. Here’s what that means.

I – Introduction
B – Branding
E – Engagement
C – Conversions
K – Keep

Introduction – The introduction is often times the very first meeting. It is when your customer or potential visits any of your social pages for the first time. In this phase of the social media content funnel you are introducing yourself and your business to them. It can be a simple hello a follow back or just a post that someone shared by you. It is the first impression and it counts.

Branding – The phase takes place after you’ve made contact with the person. This is where you woo your customer into knowing who you are as a business and what you stand for online. As it usually takes at least 5 impressions to be remembered, this is the phase where consistency plays a major role. You want to be top of mind here and you can only do that by creating and sharing awesome content on a regular basis.

Engagement – Next up is the relationship building phase. The engagement and the backbone of having an ok or just there presence to having a really great one that brings people into your world and makes them feel welcome. This part of the social media content funnel is the one-on-one attention you give your customers and potential buyers. It can come in the form of a reply a retweet or a +1. It shows you care and is one of the most important aspects of this idea.

Conversions – You probably know where I am going with this one. We are called ConvertWithContent afterall. Conversions are everything and you should take this step very seriously. In our world a conversion is a lead. We measure leads because for us, leads turn into sales. In your world it could be a sale from the get-go. You can get conversions via social media through advertising, outreach, offering something of value or by sending people to specific landing pages. Conversions are key!

Keep – This next step happens after a sale or conversion has been made. Because your customers are more likely to buy again than non-customers you should pay extra special attention to them. Follow them and keep up with them on social media. Engage them. Start the funnel over again. Do what you have to do to keep them engaged and keep them interested.

How do you see the social media content funnel?

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