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If you currently have a blog on your small business website, well done! This is a fantastic first step in helping you generate more leads and sales. However, it can be tough to make a mark in a busy crowd and help your business get noticed.

Here are 10 quick ways to spice up your small business blog.

1. Add images

Did you know that blog posts with images are proven to get 94 percent more views compared to those without? To improve your organic views, add more images to your posts. We recommend adding one photo every 150 to 300 words to keep readers engaged.

2. Write catchy headlines

A good headline has the ability to draw readers in and will help your blog post stand out in search engines. To make your headline catchier, keep it short, add numbers, and insert keywords.

3. Publish more blogs

Experts recommend publishing two to four blogs per week to keep your website relevant and ranking on search engines. If this sounds like too much for you to take on, consider hiring a white label blogging company to produce high-quality content for you.

4. Implement SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your blog posts rank on search engines, which in-turn will improve your organic traffic. Add SEO such as keywords, meta descriptions, internal links, and backlinks and watch your website visits skyrocket.

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5. Include CTAs for the purpose of lead generation

The overall aim of a small business blog is to produce lead generation, and adding call-to-actions (CTAs) at the end of your blog post will direct casual readers to your business offering. Keep CTAs short and punctual to grab attention.

6. Improve customer mapping with internal links

Add internal links and direct readers to other pages of your site to improve customer mapping. By doing this, it’s more likely that readers will stay on your site.

7. Add charts and infographics

Adding charts and infographics to your blog posts will not only keep readers engaged, but establish your business as an industry expert. In fact, adding infographics can boost your blog post visibility, since people are more likely to share them than any other content.

8. Include short videos

Including embedded videos in your blogs will make your posts far more vibrant, engaging, and attractive to readers, and will likely keep people on your site for longer. Videos also have SEO benefits too, since search engines rank pages with videos higher than those without.

9. Improve website speed

If your blog is slow and laggy, readers will likely move to competitor sites in search of the information they need. To prevent this, make sure your site speed is up to par by checking it on PageSpeed Insights.

10. Publish more listicles

Listicle style articles are fantastic for SEO, as you can easily add relevant keywords. Adding numbered lists will also improve your organic traffic, as search engines favor well-structured content.

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Improve your small business blog with these handy tips and tricks

If your blog posts aren’t getting the recognition they deserve, implement images, catchy headlines, and videos to make your content more vibrant and engaging. Regular posting will also improve engagement and give your business more visibility.

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