How To Increase Click-Throughs From Social MediaI’d say about 50% of my day is spent on social networks. I am one of those lucky ones who can say, “It’s my job, I need to be.” While most of the time I am monitoring our clients’ accounts, I have to admit, I’m also a social media content consumer of the best kind. In fact, a lot of the strategies I come up with are based solely on the way I interact with businesses and people on social media networks.

As I was “researching”, ahem, being nosy on Facebook, I noticed that I always click on links that interest me. I’m sure I’m not alone here either. As I dug into it a bit more, the reason these particular links interested me was because they left me with this question – what is behind that link. The post didn’t give me much information to work with. It was always vague and sometimes there was no image attached. I had no choice but to click through.

This is what I call the “teaser – leaves you hanging post”. It grabs your attention because you are dying to know more. Because the post didn’t tell me what to expect when I clicked, I was left curious and clicking away. It’s a great way to increase click-throughs.

Khloe Kardashian, and the whole Kardashian clan do this often. I like the Kardashian marketing strategy and I follow it often.

Click Through Strategy

Refinery29 is also a culprit of this style of post.

Increase Click Throughs

While I’m not saying each and everyone of your posts should be in this format, you need a variety of post styles to keep the reader engaged and on their toes. I am however, saying to give it a try.

How To Incorporate The “Teaser-Leaves You Hanging Post” In Your Social Media Content Strategy

1. Try using hyped up and sensationalized words or phrases like guess what or you’ll never believe.
2. Don’t include an image or allow the link to populate an image for you.
3. Mix it up between two video or image centric posts

Let me know if it works for you. If I see it, I’m probably going to click through.

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