How To Show Your Customers You Love ThemIt’s February, the month of love. While I encourage you to spread the love to your family and friends, I also want you to spread the love to your customers and fans.

As a business, you are only as good as the customers you have. Your customers are, in essence, the life blood of your success. They determine whether you succeed or fail. It is your job to prop them up and make them feel happy and good about doing business with you.

Here are the best ways to show them you love them through social media.

1. Give Your Fans & Customers A Shout Out
In the social media world, as a business we crave attention. We want our customers and fans to listen to us, respond to us, and pay attention to us. Fans & customers are no different. They too want the same things. The best way to show you care is to give them a shout out. One easy way to do that is by resharing their posts. If you scour the web, it’s likely that some of your customers are praising you and sharing pictures of your product. This is social media gold. Reshare this content and attach their name to it. Believe me, your fans and customers will be happy and they might even reshare your reshared post. You know what that means. Yup, more eyeballs and increased reach for you.

2. Listen To Them
The businesses that build relationships with their customers and fans online are the ones that succeed. By listening to their needs, complaints and praises you have some great insight into what people think about you and how you can make your service or product better. Beyond that, listening is a great way to begin a relationship. But of course you will also need to respond.

3. Give Them Discounts
Who doesn’t love a discount? I know I do. And as a good customer of a certain business I expect to be treated with respect and gratitude. You can give a discount to your best customers and give your regular customers something to strive for. You can also do this as part of a referral program.

These are my top three ways to show a little love. How do you show your customers you love them?

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