Today is mine and Jason’s 1 year anniversary! Many older married couples have warned us that the first year is always the hardest. If this year was the hardest I welcome the next years with open arms because this past year has been a lot of fun! Some of the highlights of the last year include expanding our blogging and social media services and launching our Convert With Content Traffic System Course.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.40.02 PM

Because I’m in a good mood today I am secretly putting our Convert With Content Traffic System course on a two day sale. This is even a secret from Jason so act fast because if he finds out he may make me take down the link. 🙂

Learn more about the course hhere.


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Stephanie Clegg

Stephanie started helping businesses get results with social networks before Twitter even existed! Stephanie has worked directly with high profile clients like Oprah, Atlantic Records, Dashlane, The International Culinary Center, & many more. She specializes in helping business owners and marketers find massive ROI by developing targeted social campaigns focused on *engagement strategies* that work!

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