Small businesses agree, Facebook remains the number one network that is necessary for their social media efforts. Yes, it is crucial that you are present there, but many small businesses fall behind when it comes to keeping it updated on a regular basis. Time constraints, resource limitations and lack of knowing what to post are often the source of a ghost page.

There are many reasons to keep an active and updated Facebook fan page. Here are three extremely powerful reasons and reminders why you should have an updated Facebook Page as a small business.

Why You Need An Updated Facebook Page

First and foremost, an active page shows a real company that is alive and kicking. Especially if you are selling online, the first way to check your credibility online is to check out what you are up to on social media. An active page makes the customer feel at ease and know that there is a way to get a hold of you should they need something after a purchase or during the buying process.

Another reason to keep an active business page is so that you can access the incredible Facebook ad platform. You can not sponsor content or set up ad campaigns from a personal account. This also means you can not advertise on Instagram, which in my opinion, can be even more powerful than Facebook ads.

When you update your page regularly you stay in front of people and on top of mind. Not only does this help you build relationships with your customers and potential customers, it also allows you to increase your reach and increase engagement. These things help you drive more traffic to your site. There is a direct relationship with engagement and referral traffic. And since you really can’t have one without the other, you better start working on your Facebook presence so that you are reaching the right people with the right content.

One More Reasons To Update Your Facebook Page Regularly

Facebook just updated it’s algorithm to include post frequency in their on-platform search tool. This means when someone searches for a Business page to follow they are shown how often that page posts content. There has been a ton of talk about over-posting, and you never want to bombard your audience with too many posts, we do recommend at least 3-4 times per week and everyday being the sweet spot for small businesses. (This is what we offer at the basic level with our social media management programs.)

The bottom line is people want to engage with small businesses on Facebook. They want to know you are active. As Facebook begins to show the world how often you post, you can rest assured that they are more likely to follow a page that has some regularity.

How often do you post to your Facebook page?

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