RachelZoeSocialMediaIf you lack a strategy or have a bad strategy, you are going to fail. It’s as simple as that. If you want to be successful, one of the easiest ways to do it is to find someone you admire in your industry and learn from their strategy and apply it to your own.

Whether you like it or not, celebrities can teach you a lot about social media. The success of a celebrity relies on the relationship they have with their fans. In the social world, a celebrity could be forgotten if they don’t have a social media presence. This idea applies to your brand as well.
Your brand can be forgotten without a social presence.

I recently dissected the social media strategy used by the Kardashian family. It’s a good one, but it’s not the only one. Rachel Zoe, a prominent fashion designer, celebrity stylist, and reality TV star has her own strategy and she offers some great ideas for branding and increasing engagement on social media.

5 Things To Learn From Rachel Zoe’s Social Media Strategy

1. Be Passionate

Rachel Zoe lives and breathes fashion, it comes out in everything she does. When you are passionate about your product and your brand, your messaging will be strong. And most importantly, your message will be human. Being human is something we all can relate to.

2. Make Up Words & Brand Them

If anyone knows how to make up words and brand them, it’s Rachel Zoe. By doing this, she has a very distinct voice. Some words that she uses are Bananas, meaning crazy awesome, “I Die”, meaning it’s the best thing ever, and more recently MAJ, meaning major.

While these words may only relate to her audience, it doesn’t matter because the audience she is selling to is her own. Use words that work for you and use them often. By doing so they will become a part of your brand, your voice and will ultimately represent YOU.


3. Be an expert

Rachel Zoe is an expert fashionista. Like being passionate, being an expert is something that goes far in the social media world. By doing so, you are building credibility and trust. There are many ways to go about branding yourself as an expert. You can do this on your blog, on your LinkedIn page, on your Facebook page, and on Quora.

The easiest way to start branding yourself as an expert is to share your knowledge. It’s likely that you are already very knowledgable about your industry. Use this to your advantage. Open your mouth and speak the truth. People will start to follow.

4. Give Your Fans Credit

I talk about this in my post about what you can learn about social media from the Kardashian family. This advice is golden. Rachel Zoe gives her fans credit by calling them out when they are wearing her clothes. This starts a special bond between fan & brand, and it is something more powerful than you know. This is the way to harness the power of your fans to make them stronger ambassadors for your brand. A shout out goes a long way.

You can nurture your fans and let them know you are listening by promoting their social shares about your brand. You can share a review they wrote, repost a picture they shared, mention them on Twitter, retweet them and thank them. Social media is a two way street. Don’t forget that.

5. Do It All

Rachel Zoe has a newsletter, a website, a large social presence, an Instagram, and a lot of cross promotional value. Do as much as you can, but do it well. Connect with your audience where they hang out and you will see the results. I promise!

Dear Rachel Zoe and Rodger, if you are reading this..I’d love a tour of your office and to meet your Social Team to give them a high five! Literally (in RZ voice) that would be so MAJ! PS – You should update your LinkedIn company page more often.

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