ReadMyBlogIn part one of this blog post I gave 5 examples of places you can promote your blog to get maximum exposure. We talked about the promotional benefits of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & Twitter and how each of these networks serve their own purpose with their own audiences.

As I mentioned before blogging is a great start, but unfortunately it isn’t enough. The more you blog the better off you will be. Along the same lines, the more you promote your blogs the eyeballs you are going to get.

Here is the continuation to my previous list. I hope to see your blogs spreading far and wide.

Never forget that you are your blog’s best cheerleader!

Where To Promote Your Blog Posts

6. LinkedIn
In part 1, I mentioned the importance of having Social Plugins in place to allow people and yourself to share your content easily. LinkedIn is an especially powerful network if your blog is on the B2B (business-to-business) level. Maintaining and optimizing your profile there is going to prove to be crucial to your self-branding success.

On LinkedIn you have the opportunity to share on your newsfeed, in groups, and on your business page. As there is a lot of noise going on on the newsfeed it is important to make sure your headline is catchy and you add value to the conversations going on. While you can just post the link, you are much more likely to get noticed if you write a headline and a snippet with the link.

Another recommendation I have is to engage LinkedIn users with a question. Ask them about the topic you blogged about. The more you open the conversation up, the more successful you will be. Remember that LinkedIn’s newsfeed is a lot like Facebook’s. The more engagement a post gets, the more people will see it. You can even comment on the post itself to get the conversation started.

7. LinkedIn Groups
Out of everything I have said in this series of posts, this category should be taken the most seriously. In fact, if you only have time to promote your blog to one of the 10 places listed, do it on LinkedIn groups.

Sharing on LinkedIn GroupsOnce you are finished reading the post, head on over to LinkedIn and join as many relevant groups as possible. The keyword here is relevant. The more relevant the group, the more views you are going to get. To find the most relevant groups think about all the different topics you blog about. For example, I primarily blog about Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Community Management, so those are the groups I want to join. Remember you can join 50 groups so make them count.

Now that you are a member of groups, stay as active as possible. Comment when you can on member articles and conversations. It is important to make a name for yourself. This matters!

When it is time to promote your blog start by posting on your own newsfeed in the area that says “Share an update.” Once you have done that, click on the share button and mark the “Post to group(s)” box and start adding the relevant groups. Add a good headline and a snippet + link +a question in the Detail box and click share. Let the fun begin. Make sure you periodically check back in on LinkedIn to see if you have received any action. You will need to respond.

In the past week I have been using this technique and I have received visits from 44 different LinkedIn links.

8. Newsletter
If you have a newsletter I recommend using it to share your content with your list. In a society where information is increasingly valuable, it works in your advantage to show your customers and list that you know what you are talking about. It builds your authority. As a newsletter subscriber it is also nice to get a non-salesy letter every so often. It also lets your customers know you have a blog, which is something they might not have known.

If you write on a regular basis you don’t want to overwhelm your list with an influx of articles. Chose one that you are very proud of. Or perhaps give a recap of a few articles and let them know where they can find them on your blog.

9. Syndication
Syndication is a great way to grow your audience and get your content out to different audiences. One way to find sites that syndicate your content is do a simple good search. Search things like “Add content”, “Submit post”, “submit article”, “Write for us” and “Syndication blogs”. BuzzBlogger has a very large list to reference as well.

If you are a Social Media Blogger you should consider SocialMediaToday. I have had great success with a few of my articles on their site.

10. Instagram
Instagram is tricky because there is no way to get a link directly back to your site. However, you can tease your audience with a picture of your new blog up and let them know to head on over to your site to read it. Instagram is great to really let your creativity shine.

If you haven’t read part one yet, you can do so here: How To Promote Your Blog Posts (Part 1)

Have I forgotten anything? Which places do you post your blog for maximum exposure? Leave a comment below.

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