Pinterest and Google search are good friends. A Pinterest search strategy is important. I’ll tell you why. Today I was playing around with a new idea I came up with for Jaguar. Remember, I love them. 🙂 Anyway, as I was searching for iconic English images on Google Image Search. I typed in Liverpool and these images populated. Why Pinterest Is An Important Aspect Of Your Search Strategy

I chose one of the very first images and clicked through. It took me to a Pinterest page. Yes, a Pinterest page is ranking extremely high in the Google Image Search. This may or not surprise you. It didn’t surprise me because I know the importance of Pinterest to your overall online strategy. It’s one of our Big 5 networks that we encourage all of our clients and traffic course members to get behind. This is clearly one of the reasons why.


With a little click-through I was at, a Spanish website about European travel.


This is a great example of why Pinterest is so important to your online strategy. By using Pinterest effectively you can grow your traffic from within Pinterest and from Google.

Here’s how you can make sure your site is indexed on Pinterest to increase your traffic.

1. Search Privacy
Make sure your profile comes up on search by clicking no under the search privacy category in your Pinterest Settings. You want to get found so make sure you aren’t blocking yourself.

2. Verify Your Site
To verify your site you have to place a tiny bit of code within your site. Not only does this help you get found, it also helps you gain better analytics and information about who and how people interact with your Pins. To verify your site go here and copy and paste the code.

3. Use Good Descriptions
Make each pin count by adding a keyword appropriate description. Not only will this help you get found on Pinterest through their search function, it will also help you get found on Twitter. See above. 🙂

4. Make Your Site Pinable
Each image on your site should be easy to pin without making your visitors leave your page. That means each image should include a pin button while hovering over your images on your site. You can also include it on each and every page of your site and especially on your blog. Most of the traffic you are going to get is going to come from others who are pinning your content, so you want to make it as easy as possible.

5. Title Your Images Correctly On Your Site
Don’t use something that looks like this. x01dfa.jpg. That is terrible for getting found on Google and Pinterest. You want your image to include the title of your post or other descriptive keywords so when someone pins your images the description is already in there for them. Again you want to make things as easy as possible for your visitors to pin your content right.

6. Be Active
If you want others to be engaged with you, you should set the tone for them. The more active and engaged you are, the more active and engaged your fans and visitors will be. Plus by pinning your own content you are increasing the odds of getting your content re-pinned, which accounts for about 80% of activity on Pinterest.

Is Pinterest a part of your social strategy?

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