Pinterest For Retail

Pinterest is one of the most important social networks for retail sites and anyone who shops online. According to a recent survey by Shopify, they found that orders coming in through Pinterest double those from Facebook. The average order is about $80.

There’s no question that retailers should be using Pinterest and using it often! Well, there’s more good news on the Pinterest horizon for retailers.

Pinterest just announced a new feature that they are slowly rolling out and it could mean big bucks for online retailers. The new feature will include email notifications when something you Pinned goes on sale. Brilliant right?

So, Why’s This Important?

A major problem retailers see with Pinterest is, people a large number, in fact Pinning their product and less people actually taking the next step to buy. This might be attributed to the fact that Pinterest can be viewed and used as a dream board. You know, the things you want, but might not be able to afford per se. This new feature could likely, and might very well, increase sales.

Another issue businesses on Pinterest see is, the life of a popular Pin might outlive that of a product page on the brand’s website. Currently, there’s no feature built into Pinterest to avoid this, but you never know. One way to avoid this is by keeping pages up, even if the product is no longer available. That way, you don’t lose the Pinterest traffic. Perhaps you could include similar items in its place to keep the momentum of a sale, always moving forward.

How To Prepare

1. Rich Pins Or Product Pins

Rich Pins are those that you see on Pinterest currently; the ones that show you price information when you Pin an image. Those are what you want. According to Pinterest, these types of Pins “get higher click-through rates, make your brand more visible because your logo’s on the Pin, are more likely to appear in a category feed, like ‘Men’s Fashion’ or ‘Gifts’, and include automatically updated details, like price changes.”

Oh, yeah! That sounds like a win to me!

To make your products pin ready, follow these rules on Pinterest’s developer site.

2. Pin This Button

One of the biggest mistakes you can do online is not having your social share buttons at the ready. For an e-commerce site or retailer, the Pinterest button is your friend! Scratch that your BEST friend! Make sure you have it readily available on all of your product pages. You want to make Pinning something as simple as possible for your visitor. The easier it is, the more you’ll see people doing it.

3. Ramp Up Your Pinterest Strategy

Now is the time to make your Pinterest Strategy. Here’s a few primer courses for you.
Social Media Engagement Strategy – Pinterest
Pinterest For Beginners

How do you see this feature impacting your online presence?

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