Holiday-Pinterest-CampaignThe holidays are right around the corner, which means one thing – shopping! For retailers, and any other company that sells goods online, this time of year is crucial. Almost half of retailers will launch their first online holiday campaign well before Halloween.

Those first 15 days of November will be the most popular time to get your online holiday campaign up and running. That will give you just enough time to spread the buzz before the Black Friday weekend hits. Whether you plan on promoting a product a day, or allowing free shipping, you might want to also start thinking about Pinterest Promoted Pins as part of your holiday campaign.

Pinterest and retail are a match made in heaven. In fact, Pinterest referrals result in a higher checkout ticket than any other social network out there. Beyond that, Pinterest usage and sharing is about to soar. Hello! Pinterest for holiday wish lists and shopping lists. 🙂 Now is the time to get organized.

How Can You Plan For Promoted Pins & The Online Holiday Shopping Season

1. Rich Pins
As you start planning your holiday campaigns, make sure your site is completely optimized for Pinterest traffic. This is one way to take advantage of the increased Pinterest sharing and use. More people will be sharing during that time, and yes, that means you’ll probably see more Pinterest traffic in these next few months than in past months. Get your Rich Pins set up and ready to go. Rich Pins are like sale alerts that will allow Pin-ers to receive an email notification when the price has dropped. You might also want to start thinking about what products are your most pinned products and offer a discount so that people will receive the notifications.

2. Create Your Content Strategy
What products do you want to sell most? Your content strategy should revolve around this. Think about what types of things you’re going to do to promote it. Promoted pins might be the solution here, followed by a few blog posts to promote that product. And perhaps, to top it all off, let’s increase your Facebook engagement around those specific products. Think of ways you can tie it all in.

3. Get Your Website Ready
Your website is your number one priority right now. Get your products in place. Make sure they have the rich pins, and lastly, make sure they have share buttons. You definitely want to take advantage of that increased Pinterest use. You should also look at your analytics and see which products are getting the most traffic currently. Is that product still available? Or are people being sent to a blank page with a product that no longer exists? If this is the case, you might think about how you will redirect that traffic to a similar product so you don’t lose that interested potential buyer.

4. Plan Your Blog Strategy
Your blog strategy is going to be very important. If you don’t have a blog, now is the time to invest. Consumers typically look at about 10 pieces of content before making their decision to purchase. You want them to come to you first. A blog is a great way to do that. Your blog can also reel them in by using great content, further pushing them to buy from you.

How are you preparing for the holiday rush?

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