Today, Pinterest launched a free analytics tool for business accounts. (If you are new to Pinterest you might want to check out my beginners article that I posted a while back.) That’s right, now everything you pin can be tracked officially. Now this is nothing completely new as there are other Pinterest analytics sites out there. Those like PinReach, and Pinfluencer. However, this is an official application and comes from the Pinterest site itself. First off, in order to use Pinterest analytics you must be a Business user and have a verified website. To verify your website on Pinterest please go here.

Pinterest Analytics & Impressions

What’s important about these analytics is that they will make your life a lot easier to see what people are pinning from your site. All the analytics pages are laid out in a pretty format. What else would you expect, this is Pinterest here. Another positive aspect is that you don’t have to leave Pinterest to access these stats. As Pinterest is such a visual site, I welcome the visual appeal of the analytics. It gives you a great overview of what content is working and being able to monitor Pinterest impressions is a nice feature.

While this just launched TODAY, I am not sure what the “real” benefits of using this versus any of the other analytic sites will be. You can see much of the same information by simply monitoring your referring traffic in your site analytics. Another thing we are noticing is that Google Analytics gives you a deeper look at the content if you are willing to investigate. Google Analytics tracks which exact pins are bringing you traffic. It also shows you from whom that Pin originated.If you are interested in identifying who your key influencers are, then this is an important feature to have.

I have a feeling that Pinterest analytics is going to be a tool in our arsenal but it can’t be relied on to tell the whole story. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

At ConvertWithContent we love staying on top of these trends. In fact, it is our job. We manage many Pinterest pages for our clients and would love to talk to you about how we can incorporate Pinterest into your content marketing campaign. If you are interested please email us at

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