How To Get More People To Link Back To Your BlogIf people aren’t linking back to your blog yet, don’t worry. They will. Well, they will if you are blogging, sharing and engaging correctly. Like anything you do online, the best results will come when you put effort into it. That means having a blog isn’t really enough. You need to be active and you need to have an overall strategy.

Your blog strategy should always start with adding value to your readers and your niche. Yes, blogging helps you get better search engine traffic overtime. It also helps you increase your social media presence by having something to share and drive people back to your site. But the true value comes when you are adding value to your potential and current buyers. Once you stop thinking like a robot trying to game the system and more like a person trying to engage and educate you will be one step ahead of the game. That’s when you become a thought leader and when people will start to link back to you.

Don’t Give Up

Of course it is a slow build like anything you do online. It takes time to reach the right people. It takes consistency. To put things into perspective for you, we’ve been blogging regularly for a little over a year. The first few months started off slow. We we were new to the game. After around 3 months we saw a spike in traffic. After 6 months that spike increased. After a year it pretty much skyrocketed and we’re on course to beat our traffic each month. Blogging has paid off.

Why Our Traffic Is Increasing

1. We blog very regularly
This is the key. The more you blog, the more things you’ll be found for.

2. We share regularly
The more we share the more reasons people have to visit our site.

3. People link to us
This is a really important factor. The more content we write about with an authoritative tone, the more people want to link back to it.

4. We get a lot of organic search traffic
This is two fold. We have a strong SEO strategy in place. Of course content plays a major role here. But we are also getting more search traffic because people link to us. When people link to you it acts as Google juice and helps you rank better.

5. People share our content
Again, we are active online from a personal standpoint and business standpoint. People are looking for content to share, we give them the opportunity to share our content. 🙂

6. We have an active email marketing strategy
Don’t forget about the people who have already opted-in. They like you already, sometimes you just need to pull them back in.

How You Can Get People To Link Back To Your Blog

1. Create Great Content
This is the most important aspect of the whole equation. You need to have great content that resonates with your readers. It has to be so good that people want to use it in their blogs as a means to make their point. Without great content and a lot of it, your chances of getting linked to is pretty low.

2. Link To Others
Blogging is a community. When you link to someone else’s blog is a nod of approval. It is a handshake. It says, hey I like what you are saying and I think you are on to something. Of course the blog owners check their traffic regularly, when they see you are linking to them and you blog about the same topics you get on their radar. They will come check out your blog and hopefully when they are writing their next piece there is something that you said in a post that will fit their content. Boom!

3. Connect With Influencers
Influencers come in all shapes and sizes. Your job as a blogger is to connect with them. You should be sharing their content, talking to them and engaging with them. Again, never forget that blogging is a community. We like to support eachother. You want to be on their radar.

4. Be Thankful
This is something that is overlooked too often. You should be thanking people for sharing your posts and linking to them. I like to comment on the post directly and then share it on social sites. Reciprocity breeds more reciprocity. It is something we should do more of.

Are you getting a lot of traffic from other sites? What do you attribute your success to?

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