ConciergeLast night, while attending to my evening ritual social media scanning. I noticed Four Seasons is hosting a totally engaging new concierge service. Four Seasons is very active on Social Media, with 77 properties on Pinterest and Instagram, 83 properties on Twitter, and 85 properties on Facebook. Talk about being a social brand.

Four Seasons is a brand that is known to take customer service to the next level. Their philosophy is “that people come first. If their employees focus on service, then they will have a good product which will bring profit.”

This new service extends the walls of that customer service. You don’t have to be inside the hotel to receive their first class service. Now it’s happening online. Pin.Pack.Go, their new concierge service, allows you to interact with the hotel on Pinterest while gathering travel ideas for your next trip.

That’s right, Four Seasons is bringing it. And they’re bringing it hard.

Here’s how it works.

1. Create a Pin.Pack.Go board on Pinterest.
2. Start pinning all the things you want to do in the city that you are traveling to. You don’t have to be staying at Four Seasons to engage with them on Pinterest.
3. Follow the Four Seasons hotel in the location you are going to. You can do a google search to find it.
4. Invite that specific hotel to be a collaborator on your board. You can do this by clicking edit on the board.
5. Tag Four Seasons in specific pins and ask them questions to get more personalized and specific advice.

Brilliant, right! Even if I couldn’t afford to stay at Four Seasons, I’d certainly go there and have a drink or a bite to eat, just to thank them for their great work and collaboration.

I created a board for Los Angeles. It’s more of a Staycation board, since I am technically an Angelino. But still, it’s interesting to see how they react to it. So I’ll keep you posted.


This example is just another way to use Pinterest to engage your audience and attract new customers. From a customer standpoint, this type of engagement is strong. It makes the brand an expert on the city in question, which is huge for travel, and it gives you the feeling that you’re important. It’s like a personalized travel agent helping you along.

As a brand, you need to think about how you can engage with your customers. You want to spend time where your audience does. It might not be Pinterest, but wherever it is, you should be there.

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