Why Online Conversations Matter To Your BusinessDo you watch Mad Men? I’m newly obsessed. Beyond the gorgeous costumes and the throwback to what seems like much easier times, it’s all about business and that’s what I really love about it.

Don Draper, the creative mind behind Sterling Cooper said, “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” It hit me hard in all the right places and of course it had me thinking about social media.

The role social media plays in your business is that it start conversations. We like conversations. Conversations increase demand. The more people talk about your business (in a positive light) the more likely their friends are to want in on the action. Think about your best friend for a moment. She or he just bought a brand new car, it smells like leather, it shines, and your friend is raving about how it drives. Naturally, you are going to automatically like that brand of car a little bit better than if she or he hadn’t said anything at all. The same is true for your business. Friends influence friends, and when friends talk highly about a product or service, others are more inclined to find out why.

Of course where there is good, there is also bad. The bad side of social media, is that people have an open and public forum to talk about how much they dislike your product or service as well. With that said, other haters are going to jump in and have their own conversations about the topic.

While negative online conversations can hurt and are bothersome, they also are good because they give you the opportunity to change the tone of the conversation while changing the perception of those having it. You should always be responding to negative reviews and comments online.

How To Encourage Conversations

Conversations are two way. So you need to put effort in to get anything in return. Here are some great ways to encourage conversations.

1. Ask Questions
2. Post Thought-Provoking Content
3. Respond To People
4. Add Value
5. Monitor Your Brand Reputation And Respond

How do you encourage conversations online? Do you have any tips? Add them to the comments below.

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