If you know anything about the power of blogging, you know how important it is to have lots of blogs scattered across many different domain names. Not only do blogs make perfect platforms for publishing new content, they’re also great for SEO purposes — especially long-term link building. Unfortunately, it can be a serious pain to manage many different blogs at a certain point. That’s why I highly recommend the Mars Edit tool for you SEO power players…

The Mars Edit software is pretty straightforward. You just install it on your desktop and manage all of your blogs from one simple interface. Here are all of the cool things you can do with Mars Edit…

  • Write & publish content offline
  • See all your posts in one place
  • See all your blogs in one place
  • Manage logins and passwords with ease
  • Never navigate to another WP-ADMIN screen ever again
  • Add images and video and everything else
  • Schedule new posts
  • Manage blogs for your clients
  • And so much more!

This software is super sweet! Pretty much anything made by Red Sweater is good stuff. I got my version of Mars Edit for about twenty bucks a few years back, and now the price is $39.95 but it’s worth every damn penny!

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Jason Clegg is the CEO & Founder of Convert With Content. He's on a MISSION to help small businesses convert tire-kickers into lifetime customers & raving fans with #ConvertWithContent marketing systems that work!

  1. For die-hard MAC users this is truly one of the editing tools of choice. MarsEdit can be found on my iMAC, and MacBook Pro laptops, and just rocks for what it can do.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re a blogger, an SEO pro, or a small business website marketer — Mars Edit makes it so much easier to manage your blog remotely. My favorite feature is the ability to write up posts & pages *offline* and then upload everything in one piece when I return to wifi.

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