Why Automation Marketing Is No Longer OptionalMarketing is the single most impactful thing you can do for your business. I’ve yet to meet a business that can’t be improved (or even saved) by a good marketing campaign. So if marketing is so powerful, what could possibly have an even greater impact on your business and your bottom-line? The answer of course is AUTOMATED marketing. Here’s why…

Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

When you automate your marketing campaigns, you implement an automatic system to do one of the most important jobs in your business — following up with your prospects & customers. Today, a large part of Web Marketing consists of simply staying “in front of” your list. With automated marketing systems, you can sit back & relax while your marketing machines do the tough work of emailing, mailing, texting, and even calling your list.

I once heard the CEO of Infusionsoft Clate Mask say that he believed so much in follow-up as a marketing principle that he actually wanted those two powerful words engraved on his tombstone. It really is that critical and that game-changing.

Build, Automate, Test, & Improve

Marketing Automation definitely handles the all-too-important task of follow-up, but it also allows you to remove the human element so you can accurately and thoroughly TEST and improve your results.

Think about it: When you have an automated marketing campaign in place — let’s use a sequence of emails as an example — you can reliably put ALL of your contacts through the same funnel. Then, you can observe the results, tweak, and improve.

Without some form of Marketing Automation, it’s very difficult to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing since you never do it quite the same way twice if a human being is actually running the step-by-step operation.

How To Automate Your Marketing

A full “how to” on Marketing Automation is out of the scope of this post, but I wanted to touch upon it briefly in case you’re completely new to this idea. There are lots of ways to automate your online marketing but the approach I recommend is to start with a powerful piece of software like Infusionsoft. You can also create very basic automated marketing using tools like Aweber or MailChimp but for the very best long-term results, Infusionsoft is the absolute best.

Automating your marketing funnels is a process you’ll never truly finish, but you can start by building a handful of key marketing campaigns. I recommend the following:

1. Initial Marketing Sequence
-You need something to put ALL new prospects through before moving onto specific campaigns. This “initial sequence” should offer lots of value, education, and information and THEN go for that first important sale.

2. Targeted Product Or Service Sequences
-Then you can begin building specific campaigns for specific products & services. These campaigns should trigger only for the targeted contacts on your list.

3. On Going Follow Up Sequences
-You should also have marketing sequences that are much more long-term and on-going with the sole purpose of staying in front of your list.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. What other questions do you have about Marketing Automation? Please leave your comment below.

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