Dog-on-the-phone“Hang out where your audience hangs out.” “Spend your time and your resources where it makes sense.”
“Targeting is everything in social media.”
“Communicate with your audience in the way the social network dictates.”
“Tailor your message to the audience you’re talking to.”

These sayings are part of my social media psyche. I say them to clients, to friends, on this blog, and to just about anyone who’ll listen. I say this type of stuff all the time. Just as you wouldn’t show up to a cocktail party in workout clothes, you shouldn’t show up to Facebook with a Vine mentality. The bottom line is that your message won’t get across.

Today, while perusing my LinkedIn account, I noticed something quite exciting. It was like someone has been listening intently to me, or so I’d like to think. Acura delivered a timely message in the form of an advertisement about a sweepstakes.

(Disclaimer: I’m a bit obsessed with contests and sweepstakes as a means of increasing engagement and interaction between business and consumer.)

Sweepstakes on LinkedIn? I admit, I have yet to see a contest or a sweepstakes of this fashion on LinkedIn. Oh, yes. And it gets better! Why? Because the message talks directly to a professional person. You know, the one who’s practically living on LinkedIn. The one with business mindset who’s actually mentally processing business ideas in their head in the same moment they’re on LinkedIn.

See, the difference is, The LinkedIn User isn’t thinking about their best friend’s latest vacation like the Facebook user might be. No, The LinkedIn User isn’t thinking about joining a conversation regarding what TV show they watched last night like the Twitter user might be. And no, The LinkedIn User isn’t thinking about wasting 6 seconds with mindless entertainment like the Vine user is. The LinkedIn user is all business, and that’s why this sweepstakes caught my attention.

Let’s dissect the overall sweepstakes user experience, shall we?

First, their copy is spot on. By using the word “assistant” I was hooked. Heck, I was more than hooked, because I need an assistant; something to make my life easier. What busy professional doesn’t? Clearly, others viewing this message on LinkedIn can also relate.

Acura Sweepstakes LinkedIn

Once I clicked the banner ad, I was taken to their landing page where I have to enter via LinkedIn. From there, I’m shown the different types of assistants I could win. A personal stylist, hello looking good at work and during those oh-so-important meetings. The executive assistant, yes, please! Don’t I have a meeting today? The professional organizer, I’m a creative type and my desk shows it. You get the point. This sweepstakes is talking to me The business minded individual from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sweepstakes

From there, each assistant is given their own description about how it relates to the car. A car that can do all this? I’m sold!

Acura Sweepstakes MDX

Lastly is personalized connections. Now this is getting interesting. The sweepstakes is now, not only entering me into the contest, but it’s also introducing me to people I might not have been in touch with. I find this very interesting.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.43.52 AM

When you click share, you’re given a default message to spread around.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 11.01.15 AM

I, personally, changed it. As you know, I’m very particular about writing personalized messages on LinkedIn. I wrote about that here.

Well, there you have it. A successful LinkedIn sweepstakes that targets the right people at the right time.

Key Takeaways From Acura’s MDX Ultimate Assistant Sweepstakes

1. Always communicate with your audience or those you’re trying to reach in the manner they want to be reached in.

2. You can promote a sweepstakes or contest on LinkedIn successfully.

3. Give your potential customer something in return. In this case, I was able to make a new connection.

What do you find interesting about this promotion? Are you interested in hosting a contest or sweepstakes? Talk to us!

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