LinkedInVisualIf you read this blog regularly you’re probably pretty familiar with my love for LinkedIn. I think it’s one of the most undervalued networks that we have access to today. In previous articles, I’ve talked about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure and how to optimize your company page for increased exposure and generating leads.

Just recently, LinkedIn added a new feature that will make any visual or creative professional very happy. This new feature allows you to showcase your visual work and portfolio through your profile. In the past, LinkedIn has been very text heavy, which might be why it’s been wrongly accused of being a resum holder. This new feature is a huge win for creative professionals who often need to show their work before getting a job or even landing an interview.

Whether you want to show a website you built, an animation you created, or even a data visualization you wowed your past employer with, now you can. One of the obvious benefits to this new feature is that you can express yourself and showcase your professional history through photos, presentations and videos. Given that we’re constantly looking for ways to stand out from the other 200 million users on LinkedIn, the use of visual content can turn your once boring black and white profile into one designer friendly profile with a rainbow of colors.

Another benefit to this new feature is that the options are endless. You can upload an unlimited amount of visuals. You can attach each visual to the job or time you created it, not to mention they show up in the summary, work, and education sections of your profile. This makes showcasing work from each client or past employer very easy.

To begin sharing your visual work, click Edit on your profile. You can showcase your work in several sections the aforementioned summary, work, and education sections, to name a few. When you find the correct section you want to visualize, click on the box with the plus button as seen in the photo below to upload your work.

LinkedIn Profile Images

This is what it’ll look like when it’s done.

As you can see, it’s just a thumbnail, so you won’t have to worry about the visuals overpowering your profile.LinkedIn Visual Thumbnail

For more examples, go here.

How do you express yourself on LinkedIn?

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