InstagramOn this blog, I’ve written about Instagram a few times. I’ve discussed the value of your Instagram, how to build your community and grow your following on Instagram. And, more recently, I’ve talked about the benefits of using Instagram video. Yes, it’s true. I love Instagram. I also love video, which is why I’m so interested in Instagram video and how small businesses can use it to engage their community, and ultimately increase sales. We’re in business after all.

Videos For Engagement

We know that video works exceptionally well on social media. According to Simply Measured, visual content rocks the social media world. On Facebook, videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined. On YouTube, 100 million users are taking a social action on videos every week. Over 700 Youtube videos are shared on Twitter each minute. (This statistic is over a year old, can you imagine what we’re sharing today?)

According to Brandon Gaille, 15 second videos are used least, but they produce the best click-through rates in the social video space. Enter Instagram, home of the 15 second video. With a huge built-in community and growing at a sprinter’s pace, Instagram is a great network to engage your audience with visual content.

While each small business can use Instagram Video to uniquely fit their personality and industry, here are some small businesses who are doing it right.

Small Businesses Using Instagram Video

Chalene Johnson, a fitness author and entrepreneur, is using Instagram videos as a motivation tool for her fitness clients. Check out her killer straight leg lift. After watching this, I’m interested in signing up for the 30 day push.

Mark Gonzales, a Real Estate Broker, uses Instagram video to showcase his listings. He calls them virtual open houses and I love it!

Shop Pink Palace, an online store, is using video to show potential buyers the product in a more dynamic way.

Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, shares impressive yoga moves. Want to move like her? She’s hosting a yoga retreat.

Maya Mia, a beauty professional, shares makeup tutorials via Instagram video as a means to promote her longer tutorials on YouTube.

Michael Halcomb, Founder of the Conversational Koine Institute, uses Instagram video to promote his Greek language courses.

Rush Order Tees gives you a behind the scenes tour of the factory.

Lindy & Grundy, a local butcher, uses Instagram video to entice you with all the deliciousness the store has to offer.

And then there’s MTV (okay, I realize it’s not a small business), but they do an awesome job giving you a little breakdown of the day’s news. You can copy this idea easily.

LAFoodie give you a double dose by promoting their t-shirt line and suggesting the hottest spots to grab a bite in the LA area. They even do the Harlem “cronut” Shake. shows you exactly how your glasses are made.

Are you using Instagram video for your business? Leave a link below.

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