How To Use Instagram When You Don't Know What To SharePre-launch phase? No products? Just not sure what to share? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. It’s hard coming up with great content to share, especially if you don’t have anything physical to showcase. Don’t fret, there is a solution. This Instagram strategy is a good one.

But before we get into the solution, I think it is important for me to tell you why you want to have an Instagram presence. Like all social media networks, not every network is going to work for you. But if you have a younger audience, a local business or have something to show that is highly visual and drool-worthy, Instagram is a place you should invest some time and energy. Instagram has just taken over as the most important network for teens and millennials. It’s been known where the teens go, the parents follow. So if your audience isn’t on Instagram yet, they might be soon.

Instagram is great for showing off your behind the scenes personality. It’s also a great community builder. I’ve found Instagram to be filled with very reciprocating people. Like someone’s photo and they’ll like yours in return. It just works that way.

Now if you don’t have the photos to share, here’s your strategy.? It’s all about content curation.? That’s right. I want you to curate content from other users.? It works because if you have a very targeted audience you will know what they like to see.? Plus, it allows you to connect with users who are interested in the products you sell.? For example, if you have a seasoning salt company, it makes a lot of sense to share food photos that could benefit from your spice mix.? Not only will the person sharing it get a notification that you shared their product, by using hashtags you can get in front of people who are searching for similar posts as well.

There are two very good apps for this.

RepostWhiz – this is the app that I use. It’s simple to use and free. – I see a lot of people using this one, but because I haven’t upgraded my iPhone yet (don’t judge) I haven’t used it myself.

About the Author

Stephanie Frasco started helping businesses get results with social networks before Twitter even existed! Stephanie has worked directly with high profile clients like Oprah, Atlantic Records, Dashlane, The International Culinary Center, & many more. She specializes in helping business owners and marketers find massive ROI by developing targeted social campaigns focused on *engagement strategies* that work!

  1. Great advises, thanks you for sharing! I?d like the article even more if you?d added some useful applications. I think they?re a crucial time-saver, even if you don’t post your images but only repost others’, so i?m always looking for new ones luckily they?re released quite often. I personally use about 5+ different apps on daily basis. I can?t imagine editing without Whitagram and VSCO Cam because i don?t like instagram?s everlasting filters. Efficient management is impossible without detailed statistics, so is my choice. When it comes to following management i use to easily get rid of up to 5000 users not following me back in one day. And finally a scheduler – in my case – to keep posting consistently. For most of these apps there are analogues, but always inferior: they have either higher price or fewer functions. If you know some interesting apps please do suggest them to me, i?d highly appreciate that 😉

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