Why Instagram Snapchat & Vine Should Be A Part Of Your Social Media StrategyPeople are fleeing Facebook. Literally jumping ship. In fact, some younger kids and teens are not even creating Facebook accounts anymore. It’s becoming a network that works really well for parents and grandparents, but not so much for teens and millennials. Hey, don’t get me wrong, if your audience is not millennial and Facebook is still working for you, then you should definitely ramp it up. If your audience is a mixture of all ages, then stick with Facebook for the older generation and diversify it.

Diversifying your social media network usage is something I believe in no matter what. You should never put all your eggs in one social basket. What’s hot today, may be freezing cold in a year. Or the ways things are moving, it may be colder even quicker than that.

With diversification on mind, no matter what your audience is, I want you to consider incorporating at least one of these networks if you haven’t yet.

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Vine

Here’s why:
They are powerhouses in terms of numbers of active users. But more importantly they are the networks that teens and millennials prefer. As we’ve seen before with social networks, where teens go first, usually ends up being pretty hot for everyone. Remember when Facebook was only for college students? Now it’s the biggest network out there.

Let’s look at the stats for each network

Snapchat Stats

100 million active users
70% are women
400 million snaps per day
30% of users are over 25 years old
58% of college users will use a snapchat coupon
1% of businesses use Snapchat

Ways To Use Snapchat

Flash sales
Scavenger hunts
Snapchat stories
Secret menu item
Fill in the blank

Instagram Stats

300 million active users
50x more engagement than on Twitter
75 million active users daily
Instagram becoming the most importantnetwork for teens.
What teens approve…parents follow.

Ways To Use Instagram

Community building
Showcasing your products/services
Behind the scenes look
Resharing people sharing your products

Vine Stats

40 million users
100 million people watch Vine videos monthly
12 million videos added a day
5 Vines tweeted each sentence
25% of teens use Vine
Top Viners have a lot of influence

Ways To Use Vine

Video customer service
Product placement
Stop motion videos
Revining people talking about your product
Showcasing your best fans
If this gets X revines, then….

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