SelfieAccording to a new study by Dan Zarrella, pictures attached to your tweet increase engagement and ReTweets. Tweets with pictures that are uploaded directly to Twitter are 94% more likely to be retweeted than if they are uploaded to and tweeted from another platform.

On any social network you are going to get the best interaction and engagement when you allow your customers and fans to interact with your business without leaving the network they are on. For example, on Facebook you can use tabs which allow you to pretty much import your website, or certain parts of it, so that people can browse products, services, and articles without ever leaving your fan page. Twitter works the same way. Currently there are a few things you can consume without leaving Twitter or a specific Tweet.

Pic.Twitter is one of those. When you upload an image directly into Twitter the viewer can see it within the Tweet. This plays a major role in the findings. On the other hand, when you share a link from Instagram (a picture) you have to click on the link to see the image. You can also consume YouTube, Vine, and Slideshare within Twitter so I imagine these types of shares will also increase engagement on Twitter.

What Kind Of Images Should You Share On Twitter

Remember, social media is all about relevancy. You need to talk to your audience! Your tweets should be relevant to your business and so should your images. But that doesn’t mean they should be boring or predictable. You can get really creative with the types of images that you share. You will also need to make sure your actual written tweet is engaging enough to get people to look at the image. In general, the image should enhance the tweet experience.

Here are some ideas:

    • If you are a clothing store, you can share an image of your sale rack and entice people to come in for great deals.


    • If you are a hair salon, you could share an image of a before and after look.


    • If you are a business coach, an image with a quote would probably work very well.


    • If you are a restaurant, share an image of today’s special.


    • If you are a lawyer, you could share an image of your office and staff and make your customers know you are approachable and friendly.


    • If you are a doctor, you could share an image of your stethoscope. Why not? 🙂


    • If you are a real estate agent, you could share an image of one of your properties to get people excited.


    • If you are a marketing company, you could share an image of your newsletter and excite people of what’s to come in their mail.


    • If you are a juice store, a good morning juice image will increase chances of me coming in the door.


    • If you are an accountant, you can share an image of all the stacks of paperwork that you are handling, giving your customers the idea that they can just drop off their taxes with you.


    • If you are a printing store, people would probably be interested in seeing one of the new brochures you just printed for a client.


    • If you are a candy store, people love candy and we want to see it.


  • If it’s a beautiful day, send a picture of a beautiful scenery. Sometimes it is ok to mix it up.

Ok, I think you get the point. Your images and tweets should reflect you as a business. They don’t always need to be serious. It’s ok to give people a little bit of your personality. By being authentic and being you, you are very likely to increase your engagement and build your following.

Examples Of Businesses Sharing Twitter Images Right
California Mad Poppers
California Mad Poppers











Convert With Content
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How are you using images in your Twitter strategy?

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