SEO can be mystifying and overwhelming when you're just getting started, but it doesn't need to be that way.  Today, we'd like to share 7 simple ways you can improve your SEO program without losing your nerve... or your mind:

1. Follow The K.I.S.S. SEO Rule

People love to over-complicate SEO.  It's not a mystical, magical dark art.  It's actually a very simple, even scientific process with clear cut rules and straightforward procedures anyone can follow.  That's why, above all else, you should always remember to K.I.S.S. -- "keep it simple, stupid."  

SEO really is simple, but like anything else it can spiral out of control and even overwhelm if you allow it.  Stick to the fundamentals and you can avoid the "scope creep" that often overwhelms new SEO's and small business website owners.

2. Focus On SEO Fundamentals

Speaking of keeping things simple... The very best way you can make your SEO process simple is by focusing on the fundamentals.  Like any other skill, the best way to achieve competency is by focusing on the basics.  What are the fundamentals of SEO? Start with on-site factors you can control -- title tags, meta tags, great content, internal linking, and clean coding. 

Remember: SEO is really about pleasing the search engines.  And what do search engines like Google want to see in a website?  Easy navigation, fast page load times, and quality content visitors will find useful.  If your SEO strategy is focused on those fundamentals, you'll surely succeed.

3. Stop Hiring Fly-By-Night SEO Agencies

SEO Agencies can be very useful & helpful. Just like you can benefit from hiring someone to mow your lawn or do your accounting, you certainly can benefit from hiring an SEO agency. 

But always steer clear of agencies that mystify the process or try to sell you more hype than substance.  Stick with SEO companies that have a long track record and can explain how they work in plain language.

4. Automate With SEO Tools

A lot of SEO work is repetitive and monotonous. You'll want to employ tools that can help you with keyword research, track your rankings, and monitor your overall website health. 

Avoid the tools that "guarantee" higher rankings or promise free links, etc etc. Stick with the tools that help you do SEO, and avoid the tools that promise to perform SEO magic tricks.

5. Use WordPress

WordPress was built with SEO in mind.  Search engine robots love WordPress sites because the coding is clean, organized, and simple. Plus WordPress comes with a built-in community of developers and plugins that make it easy to optimize your site and fine-tune it for SEO performance. WordPress is a great tool for small business websites for lots of other reasons, too.

6. Avoid SEO Linking Scams

SEO Linking Scams are a dime a dozen. Here at Convert With Content, we believe links should be earned NOT bought & paid for. 

Yes, there are still lots of strategies you can use to seek out links, but we advise you avoid "link marketplaces" or other services that claim X number of links in exchange for X number of dollars.  The best way to get high-quality SEO links for your website is through sweat equity, not black market exchanges.

7. Set Realistic SEO Goals

Finally - make sure your SEO goals are realistic. In the beginning, your main focus should be organizing & streamlining your website.  Then, with time, you can set your sights on higher rankings, link acquisition, and increased domain authority.  Always set clear goals and allow plenty of time to make it happen!

SEO is a long & on-going process, not an overnight gold rush. Keep your SEO strategy simple, focus on the fundamentals, avoid false promises, and use quality tools -- follow these basics and you'll be well on your way to SEO success!

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Jason Clegg

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