Social-SearchWe’ve heard it time and time again. You need to be searching and monitoring keywords for your business. It’s true. You should be monitoring your name, your business name, your product names, and specific keywords that relate to your business in any way. This is the basis of what we call “Social Listening”.

Social listening allows us to respond and engage when necessary and gather useful insight about what people like and dislike about our business. If this isn’t on your daily list, you should add it. It is a great way to build those needed relationships with people online.

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But one thing that you may not be searching for socially is your URL. It’s one of the most important search terms that you can use because it shows you who your influencers and sharers are. The people who share your URL or blog posts clearly like what you have to say. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have shared it.

Best Places To Monitor URL

1. Twitter
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2. G+
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