Speak No, See No, Hear NoWhen I was a kid and I didn’t understand why someone did something differently than I did, or liked something I didn’t, my mom would always tell me that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla. This message stuck with me.

Today, I apply that same message to marketing. You see as people we respond to things differently. Some people like text, others like photos, and some like to consume video. As marketers and small business owners we need to appeal to as many people as possible. That means you need to have a little of everything in your content marketing strategy.

Here’s how you can take one idea and make it into different types of content that are suitable for each network.

I always like to start off with the text version of something. I am a writer, so for me, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, blogs are the best way to get text to index within Google. Obviously getting found online is a critical aspect of your overall online success.

Next you can turn that blog post into a slide share. You can see how I did that with my blog post, 25 Reasons Your Business Needs To Blog

Another thing you can do is to turn that blog post into a video. This can be a text style video or can feature you. I like the idea of putting yourself into the videos because it gives your audience direct contact to you and really improves the relationship.

Another thing you can do is turn that blog post into a photo. Think check-lists, text on image, or quote cards as these are highly shareable and allow people to digest a lot of information very quickly. Images also work very well on Instagram and Pinterest which are two networks that can help you get in front of the right people for your business.

Infographics can also be extremely effective. As you know, they take a bit more time to create and you should probably hire someone to do it. However, with the right infographic in place you have the opportunity for virality. Other blogs and sites are happy to pick up infographics and share them with their audience. Obviously we like this. 🙂

You can also create a podcast or audio version to share with those who prefer to consume your content with their ears. The goal here it to get one message across to as many people and in the manner they like to consume content. Think audio, visual and textual.

How do you repurpose one piece of content?

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Stephanie Clegg

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