13 Ways To Promote Your InfographicIn my last post, I discussed the benefits of creating an Infographic. You can read that post here.

In this post, I’m going to dive into the best practices and ideas for promoting infographics. As you know without a little push and some fire under your booty, the infographic isn’t going to go far. You can’t just post something and expect everyone to see it. You need to flex your marketing muscles and get it out there.

13 Ways To Promote Your Infographic

1. Internal List
Remember how we always say the gold is in your list. Well here’s where building your list comes in handy. It’s the perfect venue to promote your content and especially extra special content like an infographic.

2. Bloggers
Bloggers are a great source of syndication for your infographic because we are always looking for content. You should do a search and look for bloggers in your industry or talking about our industry who talk about what your infographic is about. You want to make your outreach as targeted as possible.

3. Traditional Media
If you have a strong PR presence, this may be a good strategy for you. It will require relationships with larger sites, but perhaps you have a PR person to handle that. As a general rule of thumb, for each larger site that posts something there are several smaller sites that pick up the story. If you aim for large sites to publish your infographic you are one step closer to virality.

4. Facebook
Obviously your social networks are going to be a great place to share. Facebook is highly visual and this makes a lot of sense. You should also consider advertising. We’ll get into that below.

5. Twitter
When you tweet with images you get more traction. Guess what? An infographic is an image. 🙂 Again you may want to think about publishing your ingfographic as an ad on Twitter, but we’ll get to that below.

6. Your Blog
As you know we support blogging over anything else you can do online. The reason is simple. When you have an active blog you have a reason to share and you have a reason for others to share. Plus this gives you an opportunity to share a different aspect of your infographic or use it to make a point.

7. Pinterest
Infographics and Pinterest go hand in hand. Infographics are one of the most popular forms of content on the network so it makes a ton of sense to share here.

8. Google Plus
G+ is great for the SEO benefits but also for their communities. There are infographic communities within the network. You should definitely share here as well to get your infographic in front of people who like infographics. Of course there are also niche and industry specific communities that you shouldn’t ignore either.

9. Instagram
Instagram is a bit trickier for a few reasons. One the image size is square and most infographics are rectangular and long. Plus you can’t link directly from Instagram. However, that shouldn’t deter you. Post a thumbnail of the infographic, use the correct hashtags and tell people to find the link in your bio. This should do the trick.

10. YouTube
I love YouTube for finding content. Not only is it a social network (yes, it is) it is also one of the biggest search engines on the Internet. You can explain your infographic inside the video and talk about the most important findings and stats. The real value however comes from the content you put inside your description. Make sure you fill that with all the SEO keyword content you created on your landing page. See the last post for more on this. This is the way to get found.

11. Social Advertising
Facebook & Twitter will be great ways to give your infographic a bit of a push. With custom audiences and promoted posts you can make sure your content gets in front of those who will benefit most from it.

12. Influencers
Like blogger outreach, influencer outreach can also be extremely valuable. Of course it is going to take time to build the relationships with them to start with, but once you do, these people can be your best assets in helping you share and get the word out.

13. Infographic Sharing Sites
These networks are designed to engage with those who love infographics. Take a look at the following networks for some inspiration.

You are going to get the best results if you have a community to connect with already. This is why no matter what you should be always building your community so that when you do have content to share like this they are ready to receive with open arms.

How do you share your infographics?

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