What Google Wants From Your WebsiteBefore I launch into this post, I want to be very clear — I don’t work for Google, I’ve never worked for Google, and I have zero “insider information” to help you beat the system, so-to-speak. What I do have to offer is my insight on where Google is headed and how their own “business objectives” can help you create a stronger, longer-lasting Web Marketing presence for your own business. The reality is, if you want to have a strong presence on Google, you should follow where Google is headed rather than trying to outsmart them at their own game. Let me explain…

The Old Search Marketing Game

For many years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was essentially a process of “getting Google to rank your website at the top of search results.” The value of getting top placement on search engines like Google was incredibly large, so small business website owners would do basically anything to get to the top. So it’s no surprise that the name of the game with “old school” SEO tactics was full-out manipulation and aggressive tactics designed to get top rankings with basically no regard for anything else.

But then several years ago, Google implemented a series of algorithm changes to weed out the websites that do not provide VALUE to visitors. Google realized that its own mode of analyzing and then ranking websites was outdated and too easy to manipulate. The changes Google implemented made it far more difficult for the average small business website to “get top rankings” or to “dominate Google search” for a given keyword phrase.

Plenty of small business owners were up in arms — primarily those who relied on SEO and top rankings to keep their business growing.

But if you really look carefully at what Google’s changes actually mean and what Google is actually trying to achieve for its users, the writing is on the wall.

What Google Wants Is VALUE

I know this term “Value” is vague and illusive. But that’s sort of the the whole idea. The answer to the question “What is value?” is constantly changing. What website visitors might consider valuable & useful today is not going to be valuable and useful tomorrow.

This is exactly why the Google Algorithm changes mean: Stop looking for an “end all, be all” Web Marketing or Search Marketing System and start engaging in long-term best practices that will actually help & benefit your prospects and your customers.

How To Make Your Website More Valuable

I firmly believe that the very best way to get better results online is to STOP asking questions like “How can I get to the top of Google?” and start asking questions like “How can I provide a more valuable experience to my website visitors?”

When you ask that type of question instead, you quickly identify answers like:

-Provide useful, relevant, and high-quality CONTENT.
-Publish valuable & interesting content on your BLOG.
-Create an engaging & meaningful presence on SOCIAL MEDIA.
-Optimize your website to improve navigation and experience for USERS.

(For more info about what “VALUE” really is, check out my post about what I call your QRV Score here.)

At the end of the day, what Google really wants from your small business website is the same thing your visitors (prospects, leads, customers, etc) want from your website — VALUE.

What do you think? What would you add to this list? Please leave your comment below.

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