How To Get Your Business Ready For Google Plus Promoted Posts by @StephanieFrascoGoogle Plus (G+) is now in BETA stage with pushing out promoted posts. In the same fashion as Facebook, promoted posts will allow you to get your message out to the right person at the right time.

Google Plus promoted posts are still in the very early stages. And, while there is a lot of speculation as to what this could look like in the future, some are saying that with promoted posts, or as Google calls them, “Plus Post Ads,” content can be displayed to a very wide network of individuals. Promoted G+ posts might be displayed on the Display Network, which is about 2 million networks. There is even some talk that G+, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, won’t ever have an ad on the network.

We aren’t exactly sure how this will play out, but the bottom line is that Google is making big moves.

I watched this interview with Mark Traphagen, who is an all around Google Plus genius and PlusYourBusiness, who is also really smart, so I really enjoyed it. If you don’t follow Mark or Martin Shervington from PlusYourBusiness, you definitely should. You’ll learn a lot.

Here’s what I learned from his interview and here’s my advice on how you should start preparing for +post ads.

How To Get Started With Google Plus

1. Create A Google Plus Business Page
If you don’t have a G+ page, now is the time to do it. You still have some time to get optimized and organized before the roll out as +Post ads are still in Beta.

2. Start Sharing On G+
Google owns G+ and that could mean that Google will take into account content that is shared on G+ when it updates its algorithm. In simple terms, if you share on Google Plus, you could increase your search results.

Of course you want to share content from your website, so if you don’t have a blog you’re really missing the boat. Blog content ranks and when you share it, it ranks higher. Don’t have a blog? Talk to us. We can help. 🙂

3. Start Engaging On Google Plus
Start building out your circles and your network. This is the time to grow your existing following. Because search is becoming more personalized, when you have a larger circle it is likely that your content will be shown to more people in regular old search.

Beyond the search benefits, engagement is the backbone of social media. It’s all about creating conversations with your customers and G+ might make these promoted conversations happen no matter on the web you are. Yes, that means you can engage with G+ content even if you aren’t logged into G+.

4. Rework & Rethink Your Messaging For G+
Stop thinking about blasting and think about creating messages very tailored to specific audiences. Yes, even your audience has smaller audiences or segments within the larger group. Because Google Plus +Post ads might be backed by Google Adwords, the promotion of these posts can get very targeted. This also means you can have several messages and promote each message different and to different people.

Like I said, the future is all about personalization and custom content.

5. Add Value To Your G+ Network
Everything on the social web, whether it is blogging, email, or social, is about adding value to your customer. You should present your G+ plus page in the same way. The posts you put up should add value to the reader. This is going to help keep you relevant and by the time +Post ads roll around, you will already have an audience of trusted readers.

Are you on G+? How do you think this will affect your G+ strategy for 2014?

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