How To Find Google Plus Engagement I’m a big proponent of Google Plus. In fact, recently, I have found it to be one of the best social sites out there. Not only due to the fact that Facebook organic reach is declining, but also because I have found the circle targeting to be a much better fit for my work. But to find GooglePlus engagement you have to know where to look.

From a personal perspective, Facebook remains the network I frequent to catch up on the lives of my friends. It is the place where people are posting pictures of their families, their kids, their vacations and other more light-hearted and viral content. For the most part, when something hits my News Feed, I know that it is going to be funny, enlightening, or overall feel-good. This serves it’s purpose. I too share family oriented content here in addition to my business related content like my blog posts and happenings at ConvertWithContent. However, I find the funny, nonsensical content I share gets the most traction. Rightfully so, my network there is less interested in my business and more interested in my personal life. With that said, I tread lightly around the amount of business related content I share. Primarily because I know my audience and I know what works for them on Facebook.

Google Plus on the other hand is frequented by less of my real life friends, and more by people in my industry and those interested in the business related content that I share. For this reason, I have found Google Plus to be a better self-branding tool.

Oftentimes I hear people complain about the lack of engagement on GooglePlus. And while that can be true for some, it is also important to note that if you aren’t seeing engagement, you are doing something wrong. In this article I will share with you the best ways I’ve found self-branding success on GooglePlus, and how you can too.

How To Find Engagement On GooglePlus

1. Circle The Right People
Engagement on GooglePlus begins with the people you follow. If you are following those relevant to you and your business and those who share often you are sure to find some interesting conversations happening on G+. Of course you are going to have to dig around to find them. Start with a search for topics that interest you. Once you find active and happening conversations, I’d say it’s safe to circle those people both commenting and sharing the content in the first place. This goes for a business page and a personal page.

2. Join Communities
Once you have found interesting people, it’s time to move onto interesting groups. Communities on GooglePlus have a lot of action. People are sharing things all day long within these communities and you should too. I’m in communities about Social Media, Entrepreneurship and Content Marketing. I have even started my own community called Content Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses. I encourage you to come check it out. 🙂

3. Share A Variety Of Content
Share a variety of different content. This will help you reach more people. Some people connect with images, some connect with text. By mixing it up, you are hedging your bets that people will engage with the content you share.

4. Engage With Others
Expecting engagement selfishly is not going to get you anywhere. It goes back to the age old saying, “Do unto others and you want others to do unto you.” And it’s absolutely true. When you comment on other people’s posts, the are going to take note and most likely follow you and eventually engage with you and your posts.

Remember, when you want to see results in anything, you have to put an effort in. Try these 4 tips and I am sure you’ll see some engagement. Keep with them and you’ll see more.

How do you find engagement on GooglePlus?

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