How To Get Over The Fear Of BloggingI hate flying. But I love traveling.

I sit here on a freaking airplane that just announced that is was going to be bumpy. Awesome. As I am here clenching my fists and listening to One D, (yes, I love One Direction) I thought about the process of blogging for many small business owners.

Many small business owners know that they need to blog, but hate it. Just as I know I need to fly, but I hate it. Luckily for small business owners, we have developed our blog management program to specifically address this one thing. We handle everything for you. From the writing, to the editing, to the optimizing to the publishing, just about everything is taken care of for you.

Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

Our blog management program begins at $99/month for our standard service. We also offer our premium package starting at $399/month.

Talk to me about how we can help you get to your content marketing destination without the tedious journey.

Now if I could find a way to accomplish those same results for flying. 🙂

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Stephanie Clegg

Stephanie started helping businesses get results with social networks before Twitter even existed! Stephanie has worked directly with high profile clients like Oprah, Atlantic Records, Dashlane, The International Culinary Center, & many more. She specializes in helping business owners and marketers find massive ROI by developing targeted social campaigns focused on *engagement strategies* that work!

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