After months and maybe even years of rumors for the Facebook dislike button, let’s welcome Facebook reactions. You’ve probably noticed it. It’s not exactly the dislike button, but it does give Facebook users the option to express how they feel about posts.

Facebook Reactions

Likes Are Out, Reactions Are In
Well, not technically. You can still like the post with the thumbs up, but you can also express the following emotions:

React vs Liking
The whole conversation around Facebook has now changed. Where we used to fostering likes, we are now fostering reactions. How many likes did your post get has now changed to how many reactions did your post get. From a marketing standpoint, not much has changed. You always wanted to get someone to react to your post. Why do we care so much about reactions and likes? Read on.

Why Is This Important For Your Business
Reactions and likes are important because when someone interacts and engages with your post it spreads further and faster within the Facebook network. If you want people to see your content you need comments, likes and reactions. It is as simple as that.

While I am not sure yet on how the different reactions spread, I can assume that anything positive will have a positive effect on reach, while negativity might have a negative effect. However, only time will tell. So we will have to wait to see this play out.

Reactions = Engagement
For now our goal is to increase engagement by increasing reactions.

Reactions Customer Feedback & Sentiment
Another benefit of reactions is that it gives you an overview of sentiment from your fans and customers. If you see someone who is constantly angry at your posts, perhaps it is time to reach out to them directly. Lots of love? You have a happy fan base. While the spectrum of reactions is still narrow, it is nice to be able to look at it broadly and see what people think and create more posts that they love and less that they get angry over.

Facebook Reaction Breakdown

How Do You Get More Reactions On Your Posts
Like always there is one way and one way only to get reactions on your posts. Do you know what that is?

Create great content that speaks directly to your audience. Yup, that is all you need to do. Do that and you will be fine.

What Does The Future Look Like
The future is still unclear on what will happen with reactions but I can see some very positive things happening. One thing that could be extremely powerful is if Facebook could allow you to advertise to people based on how they reacted. This personalization will be key to reaching more customers and increasing sales. For example, if someone liked a post about a product, you might be able to advertise to them about that specific product and encourage a sale. It can allow you to target super fans and regular fans differently which could be very beneficial.

What do you think about Facebook’s reactions? Do you like them? Are you confused by them? How will you use them?

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