Instagram is chock full of changes and upgrades this month. First, we learned about Instagram video. I wrote an article about how businesses can take advantage of this new feature. And now Instagram hits us with a new upgrade. You can now embed Instagram photos on your blog.

I just embedded this photo above. And yes, that’s me hanging out with Kelly Rowland. 🙂 I decided, I am allowed to brag on this one. We filmed a webisode for Jaguar’s #MyTurnToJag contest. I was the lucky winner!! More about that later.

Why Embedding Instagram Videos & Pictures Is Important For Businesses

When anything new launches, the first thing I think about is why this makes sense from a marketing standpoint and how can businesses take advantage of this to grow their brand and increase exposure? The most important benefit a brand can see from this update is share-ability. Increased shares equate to increased reach.

Increased reach equal increased fans. Increased fans can equal more engagement. And engagement is always what we’re after. Engagement is social media gold. The other stuff we do to obtain this gold is the mining. You can’t have one without the other.


Shareable content is key in social media engagement and marketing. By sharing your own photos on your blog you now have a wider reach. You’re not strictly limited to the Instagram community as you once were before. By being able to take that photo and post it on your blog, your blog readers are now also aware of your Instagram account which they might not have been before. Your Instagram photos are now a two-way stream of promotional value.

In addition to sharing your own photos, your fans and Influencers can also share your photos on their blog. This opens up your brand further, to more people and hopefully will increase your following and brand loyalty.

Lastly, you can also share your fans photos that include or relate to your brand. Fan appreciation is very important. By including this tactic in your social media engagement strategy, you will see your fan interaction increase and you’ll also see an influx of new photos about your brand, because the photographer will hope to be featured on your blog or elsewhere in your networks. Take a look at how both Rachel Zoe and the Kardashians implement this strategy.

How To Embed Instagram Photos

1. Go to your Instagram account on the website.


2. Open up the video or photo you want to embed and click on the arrow in a box button on the righthand side.


3. Copy the embed code.


4. Paste the HTML code into your blog post.

You’re done! See the image above to see how it shows up within a blog post. Pretty spiffy, huh

How do you see this feature benefiting you and your brand?

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