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FROM: Jason Clegg, Founder

Dear Business Owner,

Let?s get down to brass tacks.

Your website?s primary purpose is to grow your business. That means you need good prospects to visit your website, turn into leads, and become buyers. It?s a simple formula that looks like this...

Jason Clegg

Jason Clegg
"The Content King"

Traffic + Leads = SALES

That?s the magic formula boiled down to the most essential ingredients. So here?s the million dollar question...

How are you going to get ?good prospects? to your website? Let?s break that down to simple terms too.

You have these options:

You Can Either Pay For Traffic Or Wait For Traffic...

Pay Per Click Is Expensive Vs SEO

Unfortunately, there are major disadvantages with either of these options.

Now, there?s nothing wrong with paying for traffic if that fits your business model. But can you afford to spend $1000, $3000, even $10,000 or more month-after-month on Pay Per Click advertising?

And more to the point, even if paying for that traffic did make sense for your business it?s still CRITICAL that you get your website to rank naturally for the keywords that you?re paying thousands of dollars in click costs.

The reality is, you need to be sure your website shows up at the top of Search Results to get the Targeted Traffic, Quality Leads, & Lifetime Customers you need to grow your business.

In other words...

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Securing Natural SEO Rankings On The Top Search Engines Is Essential To Your Online Success!

SEO is a term I'm sure you've heard before.  It stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and refers to the process of improving your website to get higher rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Over the last few years, SEO has become increasingly difficult.  There are 3 major forces behind "difficult SEO" today...

1) Search engines are smarter.  2) Websites are proliferating.  And 3) social media is playing a bigger role every day.

The New SEO Is Content Marketing Plus SEO

So How Do You Get Higher SEO Rankings?

Doing SEO correctly today requires finesse and expertise.  Most importantly, it requires a focus on content and providing value on your website, your blog, and your social media channels.

SEO is not something you do in a vacuum.  Quite the opposite: SEO should incorporate the principles of Content Marketing.

I repeat: SEO is not about tricks & gimmicks.  SEO is not about manipulating your way to the top. 

The fact is if you want to get higher Search Engine Rankings and better SEO results, you NEED much more than just simple SEO optimization.  You need great website content, consistent blogging, and active social media.  You need careful Keyword Research with high-quality Landing Pages targeting your most valuable keywords.

In short, to do SEO correctly you need Content Marketing + SEO...

That's Why We Created
The Content Marketing SEO System

"Content Marketing SEO" is the most comprehensive SEO Strategy for virtually any small business website.  By combining high-quality content + social sharing signals + organic SEO optimization work, you create a perfect harmony that results in higher search engine rankings, increased traffic & leads, and more frequent conversions.

Here's what Content Marketing SEO looks like...

Content + Social = SEO


Web Pages, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages provide the VALUE that search engine robots look for on your site.


Social Sharing increases your reach and creates Social Signals pointing back to your website.


On-going SEO work optimizes your website performance & improves your content effectiveness.

50 %
20 %
30 %

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The critical difference between "Old School SEO" & the improved "Content Marketing SEO" is this holistic focus on Content.

At the end of the day, what search engines really care about is whether or not your website provides VALUE.  The goal of SEO then is to provide value FIRST and to optimize SECOND. 

Doing it the other way around is just one of the most common SEO mistakes.  Here's a full list of common SEO mistakes you should know about...

Are YOU Making These 5 Big SEO Mistakes?


MISTAKE #1: You're NOT Doing SEO Correctly

Chances are good that you're still doing "Old School SEO" -- using outdated tactics like Link Building or Keyword Stuffing.  And even if you're not making those 2 most common SEO errors, you're likely still building your SEO campaigns without the powerful Content Marketing strategies you need to succeed.


MISTAKE #2: You're NOT Creating Landing Pages

Landing Pages form the backbone of our Content Marketing SEO system.  These long-form content pages create value that readers AND search engines love.  Instead of expecting the "main pages" of your website to rank for your most coveted keyword phrases, these pages are laser-targeted heat-seeking missles that get massive results.


MISTAKE #3: You're NOT Blogging Frequently

If you're not Blogging at least several times per week, you'll never build up the Critical Mass of 100-200+ blog posts you need to create a long-term Search Engine Footprint.  Unlike super-focused landing pages, blog posts cast your content net wide & far to scoop up long-tail keywords and search terms that build traffic for months & years to come.


MISTAKE #4: You're NOT Optimizing Organically

SEO Site Optimization needs to be organic for best results.  That means consistent, on-going updates and improvements.  Making too many changes too fast can be counter-productive.  Regularity and consistency are critical factors for SEO success.  The search engines want to see your website content index and optimization work improving with time.


MISTAKE #5: You're NOT Leveraging Social Media

Perhaps the most common SEO mistake is isolating Social Media Marketing from your SEO efforts.  Social Signals from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ can help boost your SEO performance while also providing additional reach & exposure for your website content.  Your Social Marketing should be integrated with SEO.

Sure, making any of these mistakes can lead to poor SEO results or no SEO results.  But there's an even greater danger lurking behind these mistakes -- the dreaded SEO Penalty...

WARNING: Beware Of SEO Penalties!

Warning SEO Penalty

Before you hire any SEO Service, you should always be 100% sure they are compliant with the latest SEO guidelines and principles.  Hire the wrong SEO company or do it wrong yourself and you could end up in a very bad situation.  

Bad SEO work could result in a "Google Penalty" with your website dropping in rankings overnight or, worse yet, disappearing completely from search results. 

SEO work should only be performed by trained professionals, not amateurs.  Recovering from SEO Penalties can sometimes take months or even years!

Now Is The Time To Start Getting SEO Results!

I'll be frank -- the only Small Business Owners I know who are actually successful are those that take action. 

Right now, you can take action and start getting results.

Our Content Marketing SEO Programs include everything you need to succeed online...

Here's What You Get With Your Custom Program:


  • Professional Custom Keyword Research
  • Targeted To Your Products & Services

Landing Pages

  • Keyword Targeted Custom Copywriting
  • Optimized With Our Powerful Page Grader System

SEO Optimization

  • Professional SEO Hours Included Every Month
  • Site Improvements, Content Optimizations, & More

Blog Posts

  • Custom Blog Posts Your Audience Will Love
  • Writing, Editing, Optimization, & Publishing All Included

Social Media Boosts

  • Content Sharing & Promoting On Your Social Networks
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, & Pinterest Available

Monthly Reports

  • Custom Monthly PDF Reports Delivered To Your Email
  • Track Your Plan Performance Over Time To See Results

Choose Your Content Marketing SEO Package Here...


10 Keywords

  • 1 Custom Landing Page + SEO
  • 1 Hour Monthly Site Optimization
  • 4 Custom Blog Posts + SEO
  • 4 Social Media BOOSTS
  • 1 Monthly Report

$599 / month

No Contracts.
Cancel Anytime.


25 Keywords

  • 2 Custom Landing Pages + SEO
  • 2 Hours Monthly Site Optimization
  • 8 Custom Blog Posts + SEO
  • 8 Social Media BOOSTS
  • 1 Monthly Report

$999 / month

No Contracts.
Cancel Anytime.


50 Keywords


  • 3 Custom Landing Pages + SEO
  • 3 Hours Monthly Site Optimization
  • 12 Custom Blog Posts + SEO
  • 12 Social Media BOOSTS
  • 1 Monthly Report

$1399 / month

No Contracts.
Cancel Anytime.


100 Keywords

  • 4 Custom Landing Pages + SEO
  • 4 Hours Monthly Site Optimization
  • 16 Custom Blog Posts + SEO
  • 16 Social Media BOOSTS
  • 1 Monthly Report

$1799 / month

No Contracts.
Cancel Anytime.


200 Keywords


  • 5 Custom Landing Pages + SEO
  • 5 Hours Monthly Site Optimization
  • 24 Custom Blog Posts + SEO
  • 24 Social Media BOOSTS
  • 1 Monthly Report

$2499 / month

No Contracts.
Cancel Anytime.

How Much Is Just ONE Keyword Worth To You?

Imagine securing TOP SEO RANKINGS for just one of your most desired Target Keywords.  What would that be worth to you and to your business day-after-day, week-after-week, and month-after-month?

REMEMBER: Your customers will subconsciously assume that YOUR product or service is the best if you have Top Rankings.
This means prospects who find you through Organic SEO search results will be more likely to buy from you rather than your competitors. 

Of course, the real question here is...

How Much Is ONE Lifetime Customer Worth To You?

What if you could get just ONE new "Lifetime Customer" per month as a result of your on-going SEO work?

What would that be worth to you?  $1,000?  $5,000?  Even $10,000 or more?

Whatever your answer is, now multiply that out across a complete range of Target Keywords. 

What About Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is included with every Content Marketing SEO program! 

Immediately after you start your program, our team will perform professional Keyword Research to identify the most valuable keywords for your long-term online success. 

We'll identify the highest traffic keywords that will deliver the best match prospects to your website.  We'll then build your entire Content Marketing SEO Program around those selected keywords.

After we achieve top rankings, we'll then identify a new set of high-value keyword targets.

Keyword Research

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What Information Will You Need From Me?

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So... what are you waiting for?  It's time to TAKE ACTION and get started with your very own Content Marketing SEO program.  We've made the entire process very easy so you can track your progress every month to be sure you're getting results.

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