LinkedIn AuditIf you are a b2b company, you should really focus on creating content for and engaging on LinkedIn. In fact, when it comes to my own personal profile I use LinkedIn heavily to meet new contacts, learn about their businesses and offer my help. I also use LinkedIn to share my blog posts, create exclusive content, and generate leads.

It’s very likely that you know me from LinkedIn. Yup, LinkedIn is a cornerstone of my personal social media strategy.

I’ve written a lot about LinkedIn. Here are some of my most popular LinkedIn posts.

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Sometimes we let our LinkedIn profile just sit there and it get’s old and stagnant. I’m here to change that. Here are my tips for conducting a Linkedin audit and updating your profile to make it work for you and not against you. Here are some things to ask yourself while looking down your profile. If you answer no to these questions it’s time for an update.

How To Conduct A LinkedIn Audit

1. Profile Picture
Do you have a profile picture?
Is your profile picture clear and represent you in the best way possible?

2. Headline
Do you have a headline?
Does it speak to the audience you are looking to connect with?
Does it engage people?

3. Keywords
Are the keywords you want to get found for present throughout your profile?
Are you missing keywords that are new to your position?

4. Skills
Are all your skills up to date?

5. Visuals
Do you have visuals on your page?
Do your visuals represent you and what you want to be known for at first glance?

6. Groups
Are you a member of more than 10 groups?
Are you in the right groups?
Are you getting traffic from the groups you are sharing in?

7. Connections
Are you connected to the right people?

8. Blog Posts
Are you blogging on LinkedIn’s platform?
Have you posted in the last 2 months?

So, do you have some work to do? 🙂

About the Author

Stephanie Frasco started helping businesses get results with social networks before Twitter even existed! Stephanie has worked directly with high profile clients like Oprah, Atlantic Records, Dashlane, The International Culinary Center, & many more. She specializes in helping business owners and marketers find massive ROI by developing targeted social campaigns focused on *engagement strategies* that work!

  1. Totally useful checklist Stephanie.. giving me lots of ideas. I’ll add some 1A or a prelude questions — Before joining LinkedIn:

    – ask yourself Why?
    – ask What do you expect to get out of it?
    – ask How will it help you, your biz, your career?
    – look at it, read and research. Explore the kind of LI user you’ll be.

    Much like the rest of social media, LI has it’s own vibe, culture, community. People tend to jump in w/out a plan, then wonder why they get nothing back. As you show in the audit, you’ve got to put in before you’ll get back. To do that right, you gotta go in asking the right questions. FWIW.

  2. You are absolutely correct Davina! I love that. You can’t just be on a social network and think that is enough, you need to plan and strategize. But most importantly you need to be authentic. Thank you for sharing.

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