ocho-for-businessMark Cuban just invested in a new app called Ocho. I like Mark Cuban. Not only did he graduate from the same University as me, (go IU!) he also has a really good blog and has been a proponent of blogging and social media for a long time. I’ve emailed Mark Cuban many times throughout my career and he actually wrote me back once. So, that gives him extra points in my book.

Ocho is an 8 second video app that I think has a lot of potential for businesses to engage with a new audience. You might be thinking, why should I use this instead of Vine or Instagram video? And that’s a very good question. Of course with any network there are pros and cons that you should weigh before you jump in.

Ocho Video App Pros

1. Brand New
I always support getting in on the ground floor when a new app comes to play. Those who get in first have a better chance of growing their following faster. Have you noticed how hard it is to grow your following on Facebook without advertising? That wasn’t the case 5 years ago. There’s a trend, the sooner you get in, the better off you are.

2. Reply Directly Within The App
I really like this feature and it is different than Vine because you can actually respond to the video directly by using their reply feature. This opens up the engagement between business and consumer. As a business you can ask for video responses or even make a chain of video which could be really fun.

3. Well-funded
This app is well funded which means it is going to have at least a year or two behind it. If it takes off, it is just going to get better and better.

4. You Can Add Links
This is unique to Ocho as most video apps don’t allow you to add an active link on a post. Ocho does. While this can open up the spam can, it is still nice to see from a business standpoint.

5. Share on G+
Most of the other apps don’t have this feature. It’s nice to see G+ included.

Ocho Video App Cons

1. Vine, Instagram & Twitter Video
The app has a lot of competition which means it has to work harder. It’s still worth looking into though.

2. Low Membership
It’s still brand new and this can change. But it is something to think about.

How Your Business Can Use Ocho

1. Ask Questions To Engage & Start Conversations With Customers
2. Use It As A Preview For Longer Videos
3. Use It As A Customer Service Tool

Be creative! How will you use Ocho?

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