Thrive 365 InfusionsoftIf you want to be successful in your business — and I mean TRULY successful — you must constantly seek out new strategies, new ideas, and new territories. As the old saying goes, you’re either growing or you’re dying. And it’s true. There are basically 2 types of businesses —

1. Businesses that barely survive
2. Businesses that THRIVE!

The key to making your business THRIVE is building a complete marketing system that build a long-lasting relationship between you and your prospects. In Content Marketing language, we refer to this as “nurturing.”

Today, consumers demand much more from small businesses than ever before. Your customers are more informed, more educated, and more inundated with marketing messages than ever before. This is a dangerous combination of forces you simply cannot take lightly. Your prospects and customers have immediate access to millions of websites and online resources with powerful information about the products and services available in your marketplace. You cannot hide behind that reality. Rather, what you need to do is play a role in educating and informing your consumers as part of your marketing strategy.

This is exactly why Content Marketing is so effective. It helps you position yourself better in the marketplace as a “giver” rather than a “taker.” It puts YOU and your business on the same side as your customers. And it helps you build a long-lasting relationship rather than a one-time transactional moment.

Really good Content Marketing is all about building trust before making the sale.

To help you create a Complete Content Marketing Strategy that will adequately address your customers desires, you need to build what’s called a “Customer Nurturing Marketing System.” Here at Convert With Content, we offer lots of excellent materials to help you do just that. But we also like to help you find other resources to expand your knowledge and your toolbox.

So my friend Scott Martineau over at Infusionsoft put together a complete training area that teaches you some amazing new strategies you can use to do an even better job with your Content Marketing.

He calls his system “Thrive 365” but I like his subtitle even more? “How To Make Your Business Thrive 365 Days Per Year.”

Scott came up with this idea last November during Small Business Month. He decided that it didn’t make sense to limit your small business success to just one month out of the year. Small business should be THRIVING 365 days per year!

Here’s what’s inside his free training area:

*10 Video Tutorials
*7 Marketing Templates
*5 Ebooks
*4 Case Studies

Go here now to get your FREE access to Thrive 365.

It’s literally PACKED with great information and it’s FREE! (we love free). Scott is a great teacher, and I know you’re going to learn a lot. Even if you can get just a few NUGGETS and ideas from this free training, it could be worth thousands in new sales for your business this month.

Remember: You want to be a business that THRIVES — not a business that barely survives.

What are you doing to help your business THRIVE this year? Leave your comment below.

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